Top 10 world news: Storm in Tokyo 2020, Kuril Islands controversy, and more

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Jul 26, 2021, 09:21 PM(IST)

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Amid escalation in Taliban's offensive in Afghanistan, US Marine General Kenneth McKenzie has said that the "United States is prepared to continue this heightened level of support in the coming weeks if the Taliban continue their attacks". Meanwhile, in Tokyo a strong tropical storm Nepartak is approaching Japan and is expected to make landfall on Tuesday, Japan's meteorological agency said. Also, in a first, men’s Olympic triathlon event in Tokyo 2020 had a bumpy start as a boat blocked the path of nearly half of the participating athletes on the start line. Meanwhile, basketball-playing robot CUE captured everybody's attention during the men's preliminary round Group B game between the United States and France on Sunday at the Tokyo Olympics as it displayed its skills at halftime.

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US general vows airstrikes to support Afghan troops amid Taliban offensive

US President Joe Biden had announced all US troops will out of Afghanistan by August 31 even as the Taliban has captured strategic border areas along Pakistan, Tajikistan and Iran.

Tokyo 2020: As storm approaches, organisers forced to reschedule events

Tropical Storm Nepartak, with a wind speed of 108 kilometres per hour, has forced the organisers of Tokyo Olympics 2020 to change rowing and archery events. 

Japan fumes as Russia talks of free-trade zone on Kuril Islands

Kuril Islands are located north of Japan's Hokkaido island. The islands have been controlled by Russia since Soviet troops captured them in the dying days of Second World War. The territorial dispute has kept the two countries from signing a peace accord that would formally end their wartime hostilities. 

'Covid-resilient' Singapore aims to start quarantine-free travel

Singapore is set to allow quarantine-free travel from September with the country set to fully vaccinate 80 per cent of its population over the next two months.

AstraZeneca and Pfizer mixed shots boost antibody levels: Study

A study in South Korea has revealed that mixed dose of the first AstraZeneca coronavirus shot combined with the next dose of Pfizer boosts antibody levels in people.

Olympics: Watch- Meet CUE, the basketball robot who never misses a throw

Toyota's super basketball robot CUE is a cut above the rest with its free-flowing shots which was on display during halftime of the US vs France on Sunday.

Watch: Boat halts way while swimmers start men’s Olympic triathlon race in Tokyo 2020

When the starting gun was fired, the boat quickly tried to reverse and could have hit the athletes. Many heaved a sigh of relief that no athlete was hurt while the boat aimlessly reversed at a high speed.

Israel: IDF soldier sues Ben & Jerry's for not selling his favourite ice-cream

An Israel Defense Forces soldier is angry at Ben & Jerry's for withdrawing his favourite flavour of ice cream in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory.

Australia: Cockatoos learn how to open bin's lid by watching other birds

Scientists in Australia have observed that cockatoos in Sydney have learned how to open bins by watching others.

6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes off Indonesia's Sulawesi island

According to United States Geological Survey(USGS), a 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia on Monday.

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