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As US election near, White House starts preparations for presidential inauguration

Low-flying helicopters can, now, be often spotted flying around the area as a part of the heightened security precautions

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'Emergency meeting': Is Among Us the new Pokémon Go?

One thing that has benefitted from this game — other than the creative Halloween costumes — is the spirit of voting in the United States

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The Twitter President: Donald Trump and his political history

Trump, like he always says, is aiming to win, but sadly COVID-19 is not the enemy he is fighting. Will Trump take over the office for another term will soon be revealed — if Trump allows.

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History will repeat itself if India makes same border mistake, says China's mouthpiece Global Times

Realising its downward spiral in diplomatic and trade relationship with the US, Global Times goes on to mention that the US would 'woo' India by supporting and making it an ally

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American blogger accuses Pakistan's Zardari govt officials of rape, harassment; former minister denies charges

While she has not revealed the evidence and proof yet, she has assured that she will soon be revealing all of the mentioned evidence in a week or two.

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Blog: Flying in the new normal days

This is how flying domestic feels like in the times of coronavirus

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