Top 10 world news: Mossad's secret revealed, WHO warns against Omicron, and more

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New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Dec 03, 2021, 07:32 PM IST

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Just hours after detecting the Omicron virus case in the country, reports claimed at least 13 people were infected with the new variant in Australia.  Meanwhile, experts have revealed that Covid-related death rates are higher in unvaccinated Black and South Asian people. In South Asia, a sarcastic song harshly criticising Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has gone viral on social media, causing him great humiliation. The Twitter handle describing itself as Pakistan embassy in Serbia' shared the song.

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A team of WHO officials has been dispatched to South Africa's Gauteng province, which is the epicentre of the new Omicron coronavirus variant, to increase surveillance and contact tracing efforts as the country grapples with rising infections.

This revelation comes as one of three acts of sabotages which were allegedly linked with Mossad when the Natanz facility was first hit by explosives.

The incident took place on Wazirabad Road in Sialkot on Friday, where reportedly the workers of private factories attacked the export manager, a Sri Lankan national, of a factory and burnt his body after killing him, the Dawn reported.

Reports said at least two students were infected with the Omicron variant in a Sydney school with 13 cases linked to the new variant in the school.


It is a sarcastic play on Imran Khan's statement 'aap ne khabraana nahi' (you shouldn't worry), which is repeated in the tune.

The data was revealed in a government report on Friday that tackled the issue of COVID-19 disparities. Expert and the author of the report, Dr Raghib Ali, claims that as per the collected data in the past year, death rate is higher in the ethnic minority groups.

A man dressed in a ninja costume, wielding a sword, was shot by the French police after he attacked two female officers in Paris. The incident took place near a petrol station in the northwestern France of Cherbourg city on Thursday.

In order to raise concern over reintroduction of two books containing depictions of sexual activity, parents protested outside Luther Jackson Middle School, where board meeting of Fairfax County Public Schools was being held on Thursday.

Israel has decided to discontinue the controversial practice of tracking the Omicron variant cases through mobiles which was developed by the country's intelligence agency.

The country was experiencing mysterious cases of LP gas cylinder explosions in recent weeks, causing concern among the public with over 35 such cases reported in the past few days alone.