Taliban killing civilians in Panjshir Valley, says report

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New DelhiUpdated: Sep 14, 2021, 08:13 AM IST

FILE PHOTO: A Taliban fighter holding an M16 assault rifle stands outside the Interior Ministry in Kabul, Afghanistan, August 16, 2021 Photograph:(Reuters)

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Reports coming in paint different picture that the claims made by Taliban saying that they were in Panjshir to protect people

The Taliban are killing civilians in Panjshir Valley, said a report by BBC. It said that it had evidence of such killings. Taiban have already declared that they have complete control over the valley but the resistance fighters have contested the claim.

The BBC report referred to a video of a man being gunned down by Taliban fighters at roadside in Panjshir. There have reportedly been 20 such deaths across Panjshir. 

Panjshir has remained at the focus of resistance in Afghanistan since times of Soviet invasion. The fighters in the valley repelled Soviet attacks and later, Taliban onslaught. Panjshir Valley has geographical advantage as it is surrounded by mountain peaks making effective defence possible.

This time however, Taliban have claimed to have control of the valley. A video surfaced earlier this month that showed Taliban fighters entering the governor's house in Panjshir and raising their flag. The claim of fall of Panjshir however, has been contested by resistance fighters who say that they continue to repel the Taliban. Ahmad Massoud, leader of the resistance has called for a "national uprising" in Afghanistan.

When the Taliban entered the valley, a Taliban spokesperson had been quoted as saying that they were there to "protect" the people and their families. However, reports emerging from the region appear to paint a different picture