We fully defend Indian position: Armenia PM Nikol Pashinyan on Jammu and Kashmir

WION New York, United Nations Sep 26, 2019, 08.05 PM(IST) Written By: Sidhant Sibal

Armenia PM Nikol Pashinyan speaks to WION Photograph:( WION )

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Armenia PM Nikol Pashinyan spoke to WION on trade, terror and climate change.

Armenia has backed New Delhi on Kashmir, saying we defend the Indian position. In a candid chat with WION's diplomatic correspondent Sidhant Sibal in New York on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA), Armenia PM Nikol Pashinyan also talked about trade, terror and climate change.

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WION: Can you give an overview of the ties?

PM Nikol Pashinyan: We are very close historically, culturally and politically and today the most urgent question is to make our countries closer economically. Today, we had a very positive discussion with PM Modi and we were discussing the opportunities to make our economic ties stronger and to increase the level of bilateral trade. 

WION: How can trade be enhanced between the two countries?

PM Nikol Pashinyan: We can cooperate on exporting and importing goods and products. We can cooperate particularly in tourism, culture and the Indian prime minister has made a very interesting proposal to start a movie project about the mutual history of Armenia and Indian people and our historic ties. 

WION: What do you think about the issue of terrorism?

PM Nikol Pashinyan: Terrorism is a global issue and world is facing this challenge and international cooperation is aimed at addressing this challenge and particularly our cooperation in framework of the United Nation should be more and more effective and we should find a way to eradicate fundamentalism and terrorism and to create proper environment for cooperation and friendship.

WION: How big is the challenge of climate change for you? 

PM Nikol Pashinyan: Climate is a global challenge. Firstly, I think that international cooperation must be done for addressing this challenge because it in not possible to solve the problem with the effort of one country because as you know, climate doesn't know borders that is why we need effective cooperation. Our country is ready and now we taking steps to address this challenge. 

WION: What do you think about India removing special status for Jammu and Kashmir?

PM Nikol Pashinyan: In the Kashmir issue we fully defend the Indian position and it is our firm position. We hope in this case we will be able to create international cooperation to solve the situation peacefully.

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