Top 10 world news: China's intimidation of expats, Yemen airstrikes, and more

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New Delhi Updated: Jan 18, 2022, 10:13 PM(IST)

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A report by human rights group Safeguard Defenders has said that China is using intimidation tactics on expatriates. These, says the report, even include “state-sponsored kidnapping” to bring the expats back to the mainland. In other news, at least 14 have died in an airstrike in Yemen carried out by Saudi Arabia-led military coalition. Read this and more in Top 10 World News.

China using intimidation tactics on expatriate dissidents, journalists and Hong Kongers living abroad: Report

During the pandemic, at least 1,421 people were brought back to China in 2020 and 1,114 in 2021


At least 14 dead in coalition airstrike against Houthi rebels in Yemen

The coalition airstrike against Houthi rebels has come just a day after a drone attack in UAE. The attack was claimed by the Houthis. UAE is a partner in Saudi-led coalition against the rebels


Antrix-Devas deal was a fraud against India: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman slams Congress

The case concerns a satellite deal struck in 2005 between Antrix, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organisation, and Devas Multimedia, a Bengaluru-based company.


In pics: Flood, snowstorm and tornado, US in grip of extreme weather events

Snowstorms, tornados and floods, the United States has been witnessing extreme weather events since the start of January 2022. 


UK woman killed while trying to rescue dogs from Tonga tsunami

The body of Angela Glover, a 50-year-old British woman, has been found in the aftermath of a huge undersea volcanic eruption that triggered a tsunami.

UK woman

Indonesia passes law to shift capital from Jakarta to Nusantara

Shifting of Indonesian capital was necessitated due to rising concerns over the sustainability of the city due to congestion. Jakarta is also sinking very fast.


China's J-20 stealth fighter jets ready for combat operations: Report

Taiwan's Parliament last week had endorsed extra spending on defence amid increased threat level from China. 


UK lecturer who was sacked for having ‘loud voice' awarded more than £100,000 by court

It was said that some of her co-workers didn’t like her 'overbearing', 'boisterous' and a 'Marmite' character, despite students having no qualms about her teaching style.

UK lecturer

Elon Musk's SpaceX to launch 49 Starlink satellites soon: How to watch Live

Starlink is an ambitious project of Elon Musk's SpaceX that aims to create a constellation of satellites around Earth for mass internet connectivity. More than a thousand satellites have already been launched.


Playing action video games can help improve reading ability in children, finds study

One group was told to play an action video game the researchers had created and the other group was asked to play a video game, which was designed to teach children how to code. The researchers ensured that the children played the games for around two hours per week. At school, they were supervised for a period of six weeks.

Video game

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