US election 2020: Trump or Biden? Astrologers predict the next President

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Washington, United States Published: Oct 09, 2020, 04:21 PM(IST)

File photo: Trump and Biden. Photograph:( AFP )

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2020 US Election Astrologers Prediction - One thing that majority of the astrologers agree on is that this will be one of the most unpredictable elections in the history of the US

2020 US Election Astrologers Prediction - The US elections are just a few weeks away and a lot of media houses and political experts have been trying to work out their strategies and calculate on the basis of polls that who would be the next President of the United States of America.

While the polls are being conducted and studied on a daily basis, some astrologers have also come ahead to lend their support in predicting the next President.

A lot of astrologers have been taking to the social media platforms to predict whether it will the President Donald Trump continuing his stay in the White House or will the US have Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America.

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However, one thing that majority of the astrologers agree on is that this will be one of the most unpredictable elections in the history of the US.

US Election Astrologers Prediction: Joe Biden

As per few astrologers, Joe Biden is in his best days of his political career. As per the study of his stars and planets, and after calculating his birth details, numerologists have claimed that Biden will have an action-packed few months in his political career. 

US Election Astrologers Prediction: Donald Trump

On the other hand, Donald Trump's sudden decline in health was something that the astrologers had feared for the past few months now. However, majority readers claim that his health will be on the path of a speedy recovery soon due to his planetary combination.

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Technical glitches

One thing that the security experts are fearing in the upcoming US elections is technical glitches and international interference. Adding to the worries, astrologers have predicted that due to the movement of the Mercury planet, the country can face technical glitches and breakdowns. This has added to the worries of the already-controlversial mail-in voting system that has been adopted by the US states this year to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. The astrologers ar urging people to double check their voting slips and ensure that they participate in the early voting rather than waiting till the last moment.

US Election Prediction

The astrologers and numerologists, however, have refused to comment on who will be the ultimate winner, claiming that no study can give that answer 100% correctly. However, majority predictions have claimed that even the candidates will not learn about the result for a period longer than the other candidates had to wait for in the past.

Results, this year, will be unpredictable and the time leading up to the announcement of voting — including rallies and voting day — will only get more action-packed, and there will be no dull day till the new President is sworn in and shifts to the White House.

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