Top 10 world news: Women face sexual harassment in UK military, Dark HunTOR sting and more

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Oct 27, 2021, 08:23 PM IST
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Lanzhou, a city in northwest China has been put under lockdown. People have been ordered not to leave their homes except in an emergency. This has been done in an attempt to contain a domestic coronavirus outbreak.

In other news, Europol says that 150 suspects involved in buying or selling illegal goods online on the dark web were arrested around the world. Several high-profile targets were among those arrested. Law agents have also confiscated 26.7 million euros ($31 million) in cash and virtual currencies, as well as 45 guns and 234 kilogrammes (516 pounds) of drugs, including 25,000 ecstasy pills.

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According to reports, three Sudanese ambassadors in Europe defected declaring the embassies belonged to the "Sudanese people" as protests continue in Sudan over the coup.

The city was placed under lockdown in an effort to contain a domestic coronavirus outbreak, with people ordered not to leave their homes except in an emergency. This comes after China recorded 29 new domestic illnesses. 

Police around the world arrested 150 suspects involved in buying or selling illegal goods online on dark web. The arrests include several high-profile targets. In the United States alone, police arrested 65 people, while 47 were held in Germany, 24 in Britain, and four each in Italy and the Netherlands, among others. 

At least 18 worshippers were killed in central Nigeria during early morning prayer in a mosque. According to Ahmed Ibrahim Matane, the secretary to the government, the attack took place on Monday in Maza-Kuka village in Mashegu district of Niger state.

It is reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping may not attend the UN climate change summit in person in Glasgow, which begins on Sunday. Chinese officials have not announced Xi's participation, but reports suggest the country will send vice-environment minister Zhao Yingmin and climate envoy Xie Zhenhua to the COP26 summit.

The indigenous residents of the low-lying island of Torres Strait have filed a landmark lawsuit against the Australian government, pressuring it to take steps to safeguard the islanders from climate change by imposing deeper cuts on carbon emissions.  

A study reveals that women in the UK military are suffering from severe physical and mental health issues as a result of "widespread" bullying, sexual harassment, and physical assault. Younger personnel, who have held the rank of officer or been involved in combat or support roles, are more likely to have experienced such treatment.  

Just days before the COP26 summit is due to take place in Glasgow, the United Nations reported that the year 2020 was the hottest year on record for Asia. According to the United Nations, climate change is having a profound impact on the continent's development.

According to reports, Britain’s three spy agencies have entered into a contract with Amazon’s cloud computing platform, AWS, to host classified materials aimed at facilitating data analysis and artificial intelligence for espionage activities.

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