Top 10 world news: UK's Johnson sympathises with young people, Jeff Bezos' company accused of toxic work culture and more

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Oct 01, 2021, 08:28 PM IST

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A group of current and former Blue Origin employees have accused tech billionaire Jeff Bezos's space company of having a 'toxic' work culture. Additionally, the allegations claim that sexual harassment was rampant in the company and that the company made decisions that prioritized speed over safety. 

After hundreds of young activists took to the streets alongside Greta Thunberg to raise their voices against climate crisis, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson says that young people have every right to be angry and that around the world they are already paying the price for the reckless actions of their elders.

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Tech billionaire Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin is facing accusations of having 'toxic' work culture. The claim was made by a group of current and former Blue Origin employees.

Young climate activists took to the streets to protest against the worsening climate crisis, and the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed with them, saying "you have every right to be angry."

According to Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, under the AUKUS deal, Australia will become the fifth country to have nuclear weapons, posing a significant risk to the nonproliferation system.

"Unidentified criminals" are to blame for killing Rohingya leader Mohib Ullah in a Bangladesh refugee camp, says the militant group accused of killing him.

In Hong Kong, President Carrie Lam hosted a flag-raising ceremony and reception to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of China's People's Republic while a small group of activists took to the streets.

Britain has powered up the world's longest subsea electricity cable with Norway in order to share hydro and wind power, amid ongoing turmoil in the UK energy market.

A Black family was robbed of their prime beachfront land and heritage over a century ago by white officials of a Southern California community. Now, California Governor Gavin Newsom used his pen to right a decades-old wrong.

In response to the United Kingdom not recognizing India's covid vaccine certificate, New Delhi has decided to impose reciprocal measures on UK nationals entering the country from the UK. 

Netflix's new show Squid Game, is violent, it’s gory, it’s displeasing to the eyes and yet we are getting consumed by it one household at a time. Find out what is fascinating the audience so much. 

Members of a criminal gang that used to make tutorial videos on YouTube about how to bomb cash machines end up blowing themselves up while making a tutorial.