Top 10 world news: UK Covid curbs to go, US to distribute free masks, and more

New Delhi Updated: Jan 19, 2022, 10:09 PM(IST)

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told British parliament that most Covid curbs would be lifted next week. The step would give greater freedom to British citizens in public places. Meanwhile, Biden administration is planning to give 400 million N95 masks for free to citizens. The drive would kick into high gear next month. Read this and more in our top 10 world news.

Most Covid restrictions in UK to be lifted next week, says PM Boris Johnson

UK PM Boris Johnson was speaking in British parliament. He said that the step to relax Covid rules is being taken after a successful booster vaccine programme in the country.


US government to distribute 400 million Covid N95 masks for free

Distribution of free N95 masks in the USA will start as soon as next week and is expected to kick into full gear by February.


China to make internet giants take permission before raising funds, investing

Chinese regulators in almost all sectors of its economy have been increasingly assertive. These rules are likely to increase oversight on internet companies.


Upset at culling plans, thousands of Hong Kongers volunteer to adopt the pets

Like China, Hong Kong maintains a "zero-Covid" policy, stamping out the merest trace of the virus with contact tracing, mass testing, strict quarantines and prolonged social-distancing rules.

Hong Kong

Israel to probe allegations of Pegasus spyware use against own citizens

There are allegations that Pegasus spyware was used to spy on Israelis who led protests against former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Russian troops withdraw from Kazakhstan as state of emergency ends

Russian troops were sent into Kazakhstan after unprecedented unrest there. The protests had started over the issue of high fuel prices but soon turned violent as protesters stormed government buildings.


Britain inflation rate jumps to 30-year high of 5.4% as cost pressures continue

Britain's cost of living crisis worsened in December after inflation jumped to 5.4% – its highest level in almost 30 years – driven by the higher cost of clothes, food and footwear.


French education minister criticised for announcing COVID-19 measures from Ibiza trip

Blanquer, who has enraged teachers with a series of protocol changes that sparked a huge protest last week, was speaking from the Spanish island resort of Ibiza, according to the daily, which included a photo of him in his office.


Omicron restrictions in Scotland to end on Monday, says Nicola Sturgeon

The First Minister said recent figures ‘gives us confidence that we have turned the corner’.


Tonga volcano eruption: Australia and New Zealand sending aid ships to tsunami-hit island

The United Nations said the agency will conduct most operations remotely, and may not send personnel to the island.


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