Top 10 world news today: UK introduces new immigration policy, stabbing in Jerusalem, and more

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 24, 2021, 08:40 PM IST


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Top 10 world news today: We bring to you the biggest and the most viral stories of today in this newsletter. The UK unveiled its new immigration policy - the plan involves a digital visa regime with Patel asserting that the system should be "logical and fair". In Jerusalem, an attacker stabbed two people as tensions remain high after the ceasefire was announced in the Israel-Gaza conflict - the attacker was later shot dead by the police. On the science front - we bring good news. A study from the United Kingdom sheds light on how dogs may be able to help the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by identifying the virus in less than a second - a lot faster than testing methods available right now. In more Covid-related news, United States' top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci recently said that he is not entirely convinced that coronavirus emerged naturally, and has urged scientists to keep studying its origins. 

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Two Israeli's were stabbed on Monday including an IDF soldier in front of the national headquarters of the border police in Jerusalem, reports said.

UK's home secretary Priti Patel on Monday unveiled the government's new immigration policy while announcing "wholescale reforms".

Ahead of the Olympics, Japans's second-largest city Osaka is battling the fourth wave of coronavirus with hospitals unable to cope with the pressure as cases have surged over the past week.

Russia on Monday backed Belarus in its decision to divert a plane carrying opposition activist. The activist was later arrested by Belarus. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov defended Belarus' decision.

Anthony Fauci, the US’ top infectious disease expert is not entirely convinced that coronavirus originated naturally. “No actually. I am not convinced about that”, quoted him as saying

Italy's transport minister has vowed to find the cause of the deadly cable-car accident that took 14 lives. Minister Enrico Giovannini visited the accident site on Monday and announced a probe into the incident.

The United Kingdom is going to try something new to beat the ill effects of climate change. Carbon dioxide, one of the key heating agents on Earth, will be sucked out of the air across the country.

British government on Monday said that it had instructed UK aircrafts to avoid Belarus airspace. Additionally, it slapped a ban on Belarusian flag carrier Belavia.

Dogs may be humanity’s next weapon to weed out the COVID-19 pandemic. Infections of coronavirus tend to jump tremendously if restrictions are relaxed prematurely.  As evident in many countries like India, the human cost of COVID-19 could be beyond devastating and scientists want to employ whatever tools are available at hand.