Top 10 world news: Pentagon shows 'UFO' videos, Russian moves against Finland, more news

New DelhiUpdated: May 17, 2022, 10:04 PM IST
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Top officials of Pentagon showed US Congress video clips of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in a congressional hearing. The officials said that US armed forces members have seen something which could not be completely explained. In other news, Russia has reportedly deployed nuclear capable Iskandar missiles on Finland border. Read this and more in Topw 10 world news.

Pentagon shows declassified UFO videos to US Congress in public hearing 

In one clip, a flashing triangle-shaped object in the night sky was seen.  The other showed a shiny, spherical object zipping past the cockpit window of a military aircraft. Pentagon official said that he had no explanation for the second clip.


Russia sends nuclear-capable Iskander missiles to Finland's border: Report

Russia had reportedly parked the Iskander-M short-range ballistic missile systems near the Ukraine border before the February 24 invasion.


Leaked database shows thousands of Uyghurs held in detention by China

These Uyghur Muslims are apparently being held as part of China's crackdown against terrorism.


Sri Lanka: Proposal to suspend Parliament standing orders defeated 

The resolution put forward by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M.A. Sumanthiran was rejected by a margin of 51 votes in the house.There were 119 MPs who voted against the measure and 68 who voted in favour.

Sri Lanka

Imran Khan's aide says phones containing videos naming conspirators stolen

According to Gill, the robbery occurred at the Sialkot airport after the cricketer-turned-politician left for a rally in the city on Saturday.

Imran Khan

US alert: North Korea's remote IT workers posing as non-nationals, eyeing freelance recruitment

The US government claimed that North Korean IT workers take advantage of existing demands for specific IT skills worldwide to obtain freelance employment from clients.


UK: NHS considers using 'metal detector'-like breast cancer probe

To detect the spread of the cancer using the Sentimag probe, a magnetised liquid (Megtrace) is injected in the tissue to be probed. The liquid gets absorbed in the cancerous tissue. The probe then detects location.


Amid lockdown, Shanghai achieves 'zero-Covid' in all districts

China has stuck to its "zero Covid" policy shutting down entire cities with just a few virus cases, however, the move has been criticised by international agencies since it has led to economic slowdown and supply change issues.


FATF lauds France for its sanctions against Masood Azhar after Pulwama terror attack

FATF'S mutual evaluation report pointed out how France played an 'active role in the international sanctions policy and designations on UN lists.'


US authorities find drug smuggling tunnel with rail system at Mexico border

The underground corridor, which is ventilated and has reinforced walls and electricity, is the length of a football field.