Female students forced to attend pro-Taliban gatherings in head-to-toe black robes at Kabul University

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KABULUpdated: Sep 14, 2021, 05:59 PM IST

Female participants at the pro-Taliban protest in Kabul. Photograph:(Twitter)

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Afghan female students have said they were forced to attend a pro-Taliban gathering at the Kabul University. The women, who were dressed in head-to-toe black robes distributed by the Taliban militants, were made to hold placards in support of the Taliban.

The Taliban compelled a large number of Afghan women to gather at Kabul University clothed in head-to-toe black robes that they had distributed on the 9/11 terrorist attacks' anniversary.

Students who dared to resist were to be expelled, according to the students.

The women were forced to wave signs in support of the Taliban and their rigid interpretation of Islam, which included males and women having separate education.

The Taliban's interim government, which was formed from their loyalist ranks, comprises hardliners in all major positions and no women, making it a long cry from the "inclusive" administration it promised. 

"A female student of Kabul University: "The Taliban pressured us to gather in the university hall for an hour with the black robes they had distributed, and they told us that if you do not attend, you will be expelled from university And you will never go to university anywhere." tweeted an Afghan Journalist Natiq Malikzada.


Earlier on September 11, at a university lecture theatre in Kabul, over 300 Afghan women wearing full-face veils held a pro-Taliban rally.

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The ladies sat in rows hoisting the Taliban flag, promising devotion to the group's gender segregation laws. They wore head-to-toe gowns, as per the Taliban's new policy.

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