US election 2020: Trump boasts about huge crowd gathering at Michigan rally

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Michigan, United States Updated: Sep 11, 2020, 02:40 PM(IST)

Donald Trump Photograph:( Reuters )

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'Tell your governor to open up your state!,' Donald Trump told the crowd in his Michigan rally

The US President Donald Trump has been in the news for allegations of downplaying the dangers of the novel coronavirus, which he has denied.

However, his seriousness towards the pandemic became serious as he stepped out for a campaign rally in the state of Michigan and proudly boasted about the huge crowd that had turned up to show their support for Trump in the upcoming US elections.

"This is not the crowd of a person who comes in second place," Trump said with a smile on his face.

The huge crowd at the rally was not completely unexpected, but was warned against by Michigan's Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

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"If the rallies are like those he's held in recent days in other states, with lots of people close together without masks on projecting their voices, I'm concerned about it," she said.

The rally saw an attendance of several thousands, who were packed in the venue shoulder-to-shoulder and were spotted without a face mask majority times.

The gathering raised alarms as Whitmer warned the trump administration that this would make recovery harder.

Trump was, reportedly, aware of the warning and the expected number of attendees, but paid no heed to the coronavirus restrictions. Instead, he cheered for the crowd and said, "Tell your governor to open up your state!"

'Wack job'

Donald Trump also addressed the controversies surrounding the new book titled Rage, which has been authored by a famous American journalist Bob Woodward. Woodward has revealed, in his book, that Trump knew about the seriousness of the novel coronavirus but chose to downplay it.

Trump has denied the allegation saying, "I didn't lie".

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During his rally in Michigan, he said, "This wack job that wrote the book, he said, 'well Trump knew a little bit'. They wanted me to come out and scream, 'people are dying, we're dying.' No, no. We did it just the right way. We have to be calm. We don't want to be crazed lunatics," he told his supporters.

He also attacked his opponent Joe Biden by claiming that if Biden wins the elections he would roll back the travel bans carefully imposed by Trump and fill the country "with poorly vetted migrants from jihadist regions and refugees from terrorist hot spots around the world."

He also alleged that Biden would fill the top office with people with "far-left" views and from terrorist organisations. "Does anyone want to have a member of antifa as a resident of your suburb? I don't think so," Trump said. "Your vote will save America."

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