Top 10 world news: Taliban threatens Afghans that assisted foreign forces, EU fully vaccinates 70% citizens & more

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New Delhi, India Published: Aug 31, 2021, 07:55 PM(IST)

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With the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban are in full control of power and are putting up signs, asking those Afghans who assist the powers of the West to 'surrender or die'. It has been reported that the letters have been pinned on the doors of residences in rural areas and now even in the cities.

In COVID-19 news, after a slow start owing to supply shortages and delays, the EU's COVID-19 vaccination campaign now ranks among the most successful globally. In a video statement posted on Twitter, EU President Von der Leyen announced that 70 per cent of adults in the 27-nation bloc had been fully immunized against COVID-19.

'Surrender or die': Taliban pin chilling letters on doors, says report

After US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Afghans who have assisted Western powers have been given a choice: surrender or die under Taliban rule.

70% of Europeans fully vaccinated against COVID-19, says EU chief Von der Leyen

In the 27-nation EU, a majority of adults are fully vaccinated against the scourge of COVID-19, says European Union President Von der Leyen.

Number of organ transplants dip as COVID-19 grips world

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of solid organ transplants fell dramatically in the world, researchers said. It highlights the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on health services and patients.  

Explainer: What is Badri 313 unit? Taliban's so-called 'special force'

Taliban so-called 'special forces' pictures have been making the rounds over the past week. Known as the "Badri 313" unit, it is being projected as a sort of elite force of the Taliban. Read to learn more about this unit.

Capitol Hill attack: Congress committee asks telecom companies to preserve Trump's call records

35 telecom, email, and social media companies have been requested by a US Congressional committee investigating the Capitol Hill attack of January 6 to preserve records that may be relevant to their investigation.

5 US states nearly out of ICU beds as fresh surge of COVID-19 cases stretch hospitals

COVID-19 cases, especially among the unvaccinated, have strained ICU beds in five states of the US; Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Arkansas, with hospitals stretched to their limit.

US troop presence in Pakistan 'temporary': Pakistan interior minister

Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has ruled out long-term US military presence in the country, saying that the US troops are only present on a temporary basis.

Drone attack on Saudi Arabia's airport wounds eight and damages a plane: Reports

Eight people were injured and a civilian aircraft was damaged by a bomb-laden drone that attacked an airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia. This is the latest attack on Saudi Arabia amid its grinding war in Yemen.

Six Islamist militants in Bangladesh get death penalty for killing gay rights activist

Six Islamist militants were sentenced to death in Bangladesh for their role in the brutal deaths of two men, including the slain gay rights activist Xulhaz Mannan.

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