'Lot of explaining to do': Trump advised to stay away from Matt Gaetz amid his sex scandal

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Washington, United StatesUpdated: Apr 04, 2021, 10:16 AM IST

Matt Gaetz, Trump's ally, under investigation for sexual relationship with underage girls Photograph:(Reuters)

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'People underestimate Donald Trump’s political ear … For something like this, a 10ft pole is not long enough,' a Republican said

The former US President Donald Trump has been advised to stay away from his aid Matt Gaetz who is being investigated for allegedly having a sexual relationship with an underage girl.

Gaetz is a Republican Congressman who is being investigated for "sexual conduct with women". However, he has denied these accusations, describing them to be "as searing as they are false".

He has also claimed to be a victim of an 'extortion' plan by the Justice Department. He made these allegations during an interview.

However, several Republicans have said the chances of Gaetz returning to Congress are very slim, especially due to the inner conflict and less support for him within the party.

"I don't hope for anybody to be guilty of anything but it sounds like [Gaetz has] got a lot of explaining to do," Barry Bennett, a longtime Republican operative and former Trump adviser was quoted saying by the Associated Press.

"People underestimate Donald Trump's political ear … For something like this, a 10ft pole is not long enough. The former president should stay as far away from this as possible."

Gaetz's former leader, Donald Trump, has also reportedly claimed Gaetz's affair to be "really bad" but he also believes the accusations against him could be a "smear".

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, has also claimed the accusations against Gaetz to be "serious".

"If in fact these allegations are true, of course being removed from the Judiciary committee is the least that could be done. From what we've heard so far, this would be a matter for the ethics committee," Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi said.