Joe Biden leading in US Election 2020 against Donald Trump: Survey

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Washington, United States Updated: Oct 29, 2020, 01:45 PM(IST)

Donald Trump and Joe Biden Photograph:( Reuters )

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A shift in results is seen in the category of the voters who plan to vote on November 03 with Trump leading with 59 per cent, and Biden securing only 36 per cent voters' attention

Several polls and studies have tried to predict the winner of the upcoming US election 2020, which are to be held on November 03. While some are studying the shift in the political environment in several swing states, some are turning towards astrologers for answers.

Several organisations are now conducting independent polls to predict the next President of the United States. And as per a poll conducted by the American media house, CNN, the Democrat candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is still the frontrunner against the Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump.

The poll revealed that among the registered voters and the participants, 54 per cent back Biden and 42 per cent Trump, matching several other opinion polls and predictions made by different organisations and individuals.

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This poll was conducted by CNN with SSRS, an independent research company. In this poll, nearly 1,005 American voters were approached and questioned between October 23-26, 2020. The interviews were conducted through telephone.

As per the results, among those who have voted, Biden leads by 64 per cent to 34 per cent votes for Trump. The category of people who were yet to vote, at the time of being interviewed, also favoured Biden with 63 per cent lead and Trump lagging behind with 33 per cent.

However, a shift in results is seen in the category of the voters who plan to vote on November 03 with Trump leading with 59 per cent, and Biden securing only 36 per cent voters' attention.

When the voter category is shifted to demographics of women versus men, women are still preferring the Democrats by 61 per cent and only 37 per cent women supporting Republicans — with women of colour favouring Biden by 77 per cent and 54 per cent white women also giving votes to Biden. Men, on the other hand, have a very small difference between the two leaders with Trump leading the race with 48 per cent and Biden matching up with 47 per cent — with men of colour giving a lead to Biden by 64 per cent but white men favouring Trump with 56 per cent.

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Another interesting observation made in this poll has been that American voters with college degrees, and higher, are favouring Biden whereas people without degrees are split evenly. Similarly, 49 per cent white women without college degrees favour Biden and same with Trump.

Nearly 48 per cent of Biden supporters have also revealed that their vote is mainly a vote against the current President rather than a vote in favour of Joe Biden. On the other hand, 79 per cent trump supporters have said their vote is in favour of the President rather than against his rival.

Overall, Biden is still leading the polls for the upcoming US election 2020, but Trump, too, can gain the lead if the political environment in the country keeps shifting. The final result of the elections will be revealed a little later than the estimated time period due to the majority votes being cast by mail-in. 

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