Amid coronavirus pandemic, India backs probe demand

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New DelhiEdited By: Palki SharmaUpdated: May 18, 2020, 09:42 PM IST


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China's state-run Global Times claimed that its India which is violating border agreements. China's unwarranted military aggression must be answered

A strong anti-China sentiment in India clearly exists amid the coronavirus pandemic but diplomacy is not conducted on public sentiment - it is based on cold calculations and national interest.

The government has not spoken on record, however, India has sent a signal. It has supported the call for an investigation into the handling of the coronavirus outbreak. It is significant but this may not be enough. India should back Taiwan and join the global effort to corner China. 

India needs to be tough on China, and the reason is China's mouthpiece the Global Times ran a report today. It says Chinese troops have "enhanced control measures" in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh around the disputed border.

Last week Chinese choppers were spotted close to the Indian border amid reports of Chinese troops setting up tents close to the Galwan river. Time after time, China has violated India's sovereignty, breached the country's borders and undermined territorial integrity.

China's state-run Global Times claimed that its India which is violating border agreements. China's unwarranted military aggression must be answered. In response, India must support Taiwan's return to the WHO as an observer.

There was a proposal to allow Taiwan to participate in the World Health Assembly which was turned down. The United States issued a statement slamming the WHO for not allowing Taiwan at the World Health Assembly. Now, India has the chance to push for Taiwan's bid by voting in support of the observer status when the opportunity presents itself.

A vote on Taiwan's status was supposed to be taken up but so far, there is no clarity over it. China has denied Taiwan a seat at the table by imposing its view of "One-China" on the world even as the "One-China" view remains the political position of the Communist Party of China.

India should stop accommodating Beijing's views as China still violates India's territorial integrity with impunity. Beijing has done little to show that its a friend, and not an adversary. On repeated occasions, it has worked against India's interests on the world stage. 

China's list of infractions is a long one. It opposes India's membership to the Security Council as well as the nuclear suppliers' group(NSG). It openly bats for Pakistan by bringing up the issue of Jammu and Kashmir at the UN and violates India's sovereignty by building infrastructure in Pakistan occupied Kashmir(PoK).

The most recent violation by Beijing was the deal to build a dam in Gilgit-Baltistan, if India does not raise its voice against China now, it will be a missed opportunity. Leading countries of the world are putting pressure on China with the United States leading the front.

New Delhi should not make concessions to the stumbling Dragon by letting go the repeated territorial violations. It's time to take advantage of the situation, the best way forward would be to back Taiwan.