Top 10 world news: US brings back first flight of Afghan interpreters, proposal to amend F1 visa rules, and more

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New Delhi, India Published: Jul 30, 2021, 07:09 PM(IST)

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In an "importat milestone," the first flight carrying Afghan interpreters who are working for the US defence forces has landed in the United States as all American troops are scheduled to leave over the next four weeks by August 31. Under "Operation Allies Refuge", thousands of Afghans will reportedly be brought to the US using Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), allowing them to bring their families.

In other news, Republican lawmakers have introduced a new bill in the US Congress seeking to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act. The amendment intends to end the programme that allows foreign students on F1 visas to stay in the US for a year after finishing their studies and apply for employment. 

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'Important milestone': First flight of Afghan interpreters arrives in US

According to Joe Biden, the first US military flight carrying Afghan interpreters working to assist the US has landed in the United States, marking an "important milestone."

US bill seeks to end extension of stay after study, Indian students may be affected

 Republicans have introduced a bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act. This aims to eliminate a provision that allows foreign students on F1 visas to stay in the United States after finishing their studies.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog gets third dose of Pfizer vaccine, urges boosters for over-60s

President Isaac Herzog receives the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine, launching a campaign to give booster doses to people over 60 as part of efforts to slow the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant.

Biden tells states to offer $100 vaccine incentive as cases surge

In an effort to encourage Americans to fully vaccinate against the deadly Coronavirus, US President Joe Biden has urged states to offer $100 as vaccination incentives.

China battles biggest Covid outbreak in months as Delta resurgence continues

COVID-19 is suffering its worst outbreak in months as a Delta variant fuels the outbreak in China. 64 new cases have been reported.

Greece sends police to popular tourist hotspots as COVID-19 erupts

Amid an escalation of Coronavirus cases, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) marked the country's Aegean island "dark red," following which Greek authorities sent police to holiday islands.

'All is well', says Moscow after space station thrown off course by Nauka module

A day after Russia's newly-docked Nauka research module briefly threw the International Space Station out of control, Russia said all was well on Friday.

Nikola founder Trevor Milton freed on $100 million bail after fraud arrest

After pleading not guilty to charges that he defrauded and lied to investors regarding the electric- and hydrogen-powered truck maker, Trevor Milton, the founder and former CEO of Nikola, was released on 100 million dollar bail.

Suu Kyi trial, raids & more: How Myanmar has changed six months after military coup

Since the Feb 1 coup, more than 900 people have been killed and thousands have been arrested in the violent suppression of mass protests against junta rule. Here's a look back at Myanmar's in the last six-months.

Study says risk of vaccine-resistant variants highest when most inoculated

According to new research, removing social restrictions like mask-wearing and social distancing even when most people are vaccinated greatly increases the likelihood of mutations of vaccine-resistant COVID-19 viruses.

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