Top 10 world news today: Kremlin investigates Navalny's poisoning, Chinese banks reluctant to invest in CPEC and more

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New Delhi, India Published: Aug 27, 2020, 07:08 PM(IST)

Alexei Navalny Photograph:( Reuters )

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Here are the top 10 news that dominated the world arena

Chinese banks looking to curtail investments in CPEC due to instability in Pak

The financial institutions and banks of China are showing reluctance in investing in the China-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC), the flagship component of China's massive BRI infrastructure project due to instable political climate in the Islamic republic.

'Tsar Bomba': Russia declassifies the footage of biggest nuclear weapon of all time

"Tsar Bomba" was tested by the Soviet Union in 1961. The bomb was so powerful that people saw the flash from up to over 1000 KM away.

Exclusive: Hezbollah not behind Beirut explosion, we are people standing against 'occupation', says Spokesperson

WION spoke with Ibrahim Al Moussawi, Lebanese MP and Hezbollah spokesperson on situation in West Asia and the organisation's role in it.

Vote for Trump to stop China's ‘aggression’: Chinese Human Rights activist

The Communist Party of China is an "enemy" of humanity and is terrorising its own people, a blind Chinese human rights activist has said, urging other countries to join US President Donald Trump to stop China's "aggression".

Russia starts investigating Alexei Navalny's alleged 'poisoning'

To put an end to the rumours and the controversies, Russia's Interior Ministry is launching an investigation into the hospitalisation of the opposition leader. As of now, the investigators have not found any drugs or any other potent substances from the hotel room.

TikTok in trouble again with an 'offensive' Holocaust trend

The participants of the trend are recording short videos telling their made-up stories of how they survived the Holocaust.

'Extremely dangerous' Hurricane Laura makes landfall in Louisiana

Hurricane Laura made landfall early Thursday in southwestern Louisiana as one of the most powerful storms to hit the state, with forecasters warning it could push a massive wall of water 40 miles inland from the sea.

Ireland to nominate replacement of Phil Hogan for EU trade chief role

The Irish government has been asked to propose names for replacement for the position of the EU trade commissioner after Phil Hogan resigned for breaching coronavirus guidelines.

Mediterranean war games must stop to allow talks: Germany

Germany on Thursday called for an end to naval exercises in the eastern Mediterranean Sea to allow space for talks between Greece and Turkey, at odds over gas resources and maritime borders.

Lebanon at 'risk of disappearing', French Foreign Minister warns

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on Thursday said that Lebanon is at "risk of disappearing". He urged emergency reforms under a new government.

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