Top 10 World News: China panic buying, Obama on Trump, more

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New Delhi Published: Nov 08, 2021, 08:38 PM(IST)

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China is witnessing panic buying of foodstuffs and other basic items. This has started after China's Ministry of Commerce asked local governments to encourage people to stockpile. Meanwhile, Iran appears to up the stakes on nuclear deal talks as it said that it can agree on everything or agree on nothing, with the US. Read this and more in our Top 10 World News

China's new directive on stockpiling food triggers hoarding, panic buying

It all started with a notice from China’s Ministry of Commerce on November 1, directing local governments to encourage people to stockpile 'daily necessities', including vegetables, oils and poultry, in order to 'meet the needs of daily life and emergencies'.


Either we agree on everything or agree on nothing: Iran warns US over nuclear deal

President Ebrahim Raisi had said earlier that although the country won't leave the negotiating table but added that "we will not retreat from the interests of our nation in any way".


I was not very happy about that: Obama takes a dig at Trump at COP26

Former US President Barack Obama urged people gathered at COP26 to work together.


China uses fake US aircraft carrier Navy ships for missile target practice

As tensions between China and the United States over Taiwan and the South China Sea remain high, these mockups represent China's ambitions to build up anti-carrier capabilities, especially against the US Navy.


China seeks to speed up vaccination as kids report increased infections

According to data quoted by China's state-run Global Times over 3.53 million doses have been administered to children aged 3-11 in the country. 


Italy mafia trial: Judge holds 70 people guilty

The case involves mafia mobsters of Ndrangheta clan which is based in Calabria.


President Xi eyes another term as Communist Party's sixth plenary session begins

The meeting of top Communist Party members is being held behind closed doors as President Xi sets out to consolidate his hold over the party

Xi Jinping

Australia vows to sell coal for 'decades into the future' despite climate warning

Australia is one of the world's largest producers of coal and natural gas, but has also suffered under increasingly extreme climate-fuelled droughts, floods and bushfires in recent years

Australia coal


Global Drug Policy Index: Countries are failing to address illegal drug use adequately

The report found that almost all national drug laws have punishing effects, that lead to issues like driving police violence and rights violations, preventing drug users from receiving adequate health care


Breaking barriers: Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem learn each other’s language—‘speed dating’ style

The founders of the project say that the meetings help the Palestinians improve their Hebrew language skills required for dealing with Israeli officials, and the Jews gain a better understanding of Arabic.

Speed dating

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