Iranian women could face 10-year prison term for posting pictures, videos online sans headscarves

Image was tweeted by @ArminNavabi. Photograph:( Twitter )

WION Web Team New Delhi Jul 31, 2019, 09.49 PM (IST) Edited By: Sparshita Saxena

Iranian women could now face a jail term up to a decade for posting their pictures online without their headscarves or hijab

According to media reports, scores of Iranian women have joined an online movement wherein they post their videos and photos sans headscarves on social media and send them a US-based activist who found a campaign to oppose the hijab. 

Iranian officials announced the same this week especially making note of Masih Alinejad, a US-based activist, who owns a social media platform since 2014 and has been inviting Iranian women to oppose the wearing of the hijab.

More and more women in Iran are coming out and expressing their desires against the dress code.

While many have restrained their desires due to the fear of the ruling Shiite Muslim clergy and their security agencies, some women have found an alternative to hijab in loosely draped colourful scarves. 

Last month Iran hired 2,000 morality police to punish women who refuse to wear the compulsory hijab in public. 

Reformists lawmakers point out that morality police has been a failure.

The beginning of last year saw Iran gripped with a similar wave of protest. Iranian women took to the streets, removing their headscarves in public in a move to protest the veil law. 

The protests followed Vida Mohaved's release who was detained by Iranian authorities in December, 2017 for removing her hijab while taking part in an anti-government protest.