China faces bumpy road ahead in 2021

Written By: Gravitas desk WION
New Delhi Published: Dec 31, 2020, 11:17 PM(IST)

File photo: Chinese President Xi Jinping Photograph:( ANI )

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Beijing has the blood of nearly 2 million people on its hands. It is equally responsible for around 83 million Wuhan virus infections

2020 has been a disaster for China. It has become permanently associated with the biggest challenge of our times. The Wuhan virus. Xi Jinping wanted to profit from this pandemic. Little did he know- that this move will boomerang and kill his dreams. Dreams of making china the world leader. Today, Beijing, like the rest of the world is bidding goodbye to 2020. It can also safely bid goodbye to its superpower dreams..

Beijing has the blood of nearly 2 million people on its hands. It is equally responsible for around 83 million Wuhan virus infections. The world can't trust a country that caused the biggest health crisis of our times. It has cost the world 16 trillion dollars. 400 million jobs have been lost. 24 million students have dropped out of school. Businesses have been shuttered. Brands have been pushed into bankruptcy. A recession has touched all 5 continents.

This is what China gave the world in 2020. How can the world trust such a country? China has earned itself its biggest ever trust deficit. And Xi Jinping has earned himself comparisons with Nazi dictator Hitler. The world has seen how, just like Hitler,  Xi Jinping is capable of killing people in cold blood. In his regime too, people disappear if they question the state. They face punishment if they speak the truth. Be it a citizen journalist reporting on Wuhan, a doctor warning the world about an outbreak or an outspoken real estate tycoon.


The pandemic has also exposed the corruption in Xi Jinping's regime. The world knows about China's test kit blunders. How Xi Jinping's men struck secret deals with firms linked to the CCP. How they botched-up testing. The pandemic not only exposed the corruption-- it also exposed the extent of it. How China got WHO chief Dr Tedros to play accomplice. How it blocked a Wuhan virus discussion at the UNSC.

Where does this leave the president's pet project? The ambitious Belt and Road Initiative? Xi Jinping had a two-part plan to rule the world. First, through technology. Second, through infrastructure, through the Chinese debt trap. Now the president is going after the biggest tech name in China Jack Ma.

And the world is rejecting Chinese technology starting with Huawei and Chinese apps. As for Chinese infrastructure, the banks don't have that kind of cash to burn anymore. So it's a bumpy road ahead for the BRI and for Xi's dreams for China.

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