'You're a poor girl, talk to rich people nicely': Women fined for abusing in Singapore

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NEW DELHIUpdated: Sep 09, 2021, 07:31 PM IST

A judge with gavel in court (representative Image). Photograph:(Twitter)

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The victim was merely doing her job but had to suffer insults such as "talk to rich people nicely, you're a poor girl". These words came from two women after an auxiliary police officer approached them for smoking outside a designated area.

After pleading guilty to verbally insulting an auxiliary police officer, two ladies, aged 49 and 50, were fined S$3,000 apiece on Wednesday (September 8).

The two ladies are Koh Lee Yen and Chee Kam Fah, according to court documents obtained by Mothership.

They're both from Singapore.

Asyikah Suri Kamsari, a 22-year-old Singaporean lady, was the victim.

She was an auxiliary police officer assigned as an authorised officer under the Environmental Public Health Act by the Director-General of Public Health, National Environmental Agency (NEA).

She was given the task of enforcing the law against public health violations as defined by the NEA. 

Asyikah Suri Kamsari was on duty in the neighbourhood with a coworker.

She was permitted by the National Environment Agency to take legal action against public health violators.

She saw Koh and Chee smoking outside the designated area and approached them, asking for their personal information so she could summon them.

While she was documenting Koh's details, the duo began verbally abusing her.

"Your salary how much, one thousand just one month I suppose," they said, and "crazy girl, better go back and hug your pillow and cry, your pay not enough for me to buy a pillow..." 

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