WION Edit: Coronavirus outbreak - G20 Summit failed to fix accountability

Noida Mar 27, 2020, 03.48 PM(IST) Written By: WION

G20 leaders discuss the COVID-19 coronavirus in a video conference. Photograph:( AFP )

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A joint statement was issued after the G20 Summit, and neither China nor the WHO was held accountable. 

Coronavirus pandemic needs a united response, the collective might of the world's largest economies.

World leaders need to summon the spirit of international cooperation and in the process, they need to seek accountability about why their citizens are in such dire straits today. The G20 held a two-hour-long emergency Summit. There was no jostling to be in the front row for a group photograph this time.

This one was different, it was a closed-door virtual meeting. The leaders met online to find solutions for the coronavirus crisis.


Also present at the Summit were the World Health Organisation and UN representatives. The agenda in the words of the G20 chair for this year, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, was for its members to carry out responsibilities as leaders of the world's largest economies.

None of the G20 member nations sought accountability for the damage done. There was no discussion on how one of them neglected necessary measures to control the outbreak. No mention of how the wrongful conduct of the WHO delayed global response. 

And no mention of how China has now got down to blaming the very victims of this virus. 

In fact, China, in tandem with the WHO, was allowed to preach the heads of states on what they ought to do. President Xi Jinping was provided an easy platform to play the good samaritan and read sermons about removing barriers.

Speaking at the summit, Xi Jinping urged fellow members nations to facilitate trade and cut tariffs, saying China is ready to step-up import and increase foreign investment.

A joint statement was issued after the G20 Summit, and neither China nor the WHO was held accountable. 

It's been three months and the health body has only mirrored Chinese propaganda, it's always been a step behind. Beijing is holding the WHO hostage. The coronavirus is still a continuing challenge.

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