Actress Sahher Bambba to WION on bond with Sunny Deol, Bollywood crush & why nepotism doesn't bother her

Written By: Zeba Khan WION Web Team
New Delhi, Delhi, India Updated: Nov 02, 2019, 05:35 PM(IST)

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Born in Shimla, Sahher Bambba has now made Mumbai her home as she spoke to WION about her bond with the Deols, acting & take on nepotism. 

Born in Shimla, lives in Mumbai and dreams of entertaining the world with her talent, young actress Sahher Bambba is now one-film-old and many to go. She debuted with Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol in ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’, a romantic film that released on September 20, 2019. 

In a candid conversation with WION, Sahher who received rave reviews by critics who called her fresh and innocent in her first film, spoke about shifting cities, understanding Bollywood as an outsider, her bond with the Deols and her two-cents on nepotism debate. 

Acting was always an obvious choice for Sahher even though she did not come from a filmy background. With no connections within the film industry and no one from her family venturing into this before, Sahher still felt like she belonged here. “It's very strange. I come from Shimla. I have no connections within the industry, I didn't know anybody but ever since I was a kid, I had a fascination towards films and characters that people used to play. It would always intrigue me a lot. I started dancing at a very young age. I would perform in concerts and always be a part of extracurricular activities. I was one of those kids who would dance in front of guests in the living room. I have always enjoyed dancing and being a performer,” Sahher reflected as she thought about how it all started. 

She added, “There was never a plan B. Now when I think of it in retrospect, it could have been risky. After my schooling got done, I decided that I have to go to Bombay to pursue my dream. Luckily my parents were very supportive and that is how ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ happened to me. Because they were supportive, it gave me the belief that I could do this. That if I try and follow my heart then things will happen.”

Usually girls and boys at a young age get infatuated with glamour and end up idolising models and what they embody but that is not what attracted Sahher to modelling who happened to participate in a pageant before she was cast for a film. “I don't think it was the glamour that attracted me. After doing a film I can say that there is a lot of hard work to actually make it and get into a character but even as a kid what attracted me was the songs, dance -- the larger-than-life aspects of the film.”

“As I grew up, I was moved by how phenomenally people played different characters. You come out of a theatre and feel moved by a character, feel that connect with it. I was never into modelling even when I was studying here. I happened to participate in a pageant that I won but nothing after that,” Sahher established. 

Sahher moved to Mumbai quite young when she came to the city of dreams as a student. She has never gone back to her hometown, Shimla, if you exclude the breaks she takes to spend time with family. With a sparkle in her eye as she talks about her time in Mumbai, Sahher said, “There’s something about this city, the vibe and energy. Mumbai is home for me. I hardly go back to Shimla. I like going back and being with my parents but Bombay is home to me now probably because I have my work here, things to look forward to. I love this city. It has been 4 years. I was in college, in 2016, in my first year when I came here and then in February 2017 I got finalised for ‘Pal Pal’. I left college so I haven't completed graduation. My mom really wanted me to finish my graduation but that has taken a backseat for me right now. It's something that even I would want to, maybe in a few months down the line.”  

As her acting journey has only begun, Sahher considers herself fortunate to have formed a strong bond with the Deols who understood her potential and gave her a launching platform. Directed by Sunny Deol and co-starred with his son, Karan Deol, Sahher said, “A major part of why my parents were so supportive was also to do with the fact that I was in the best hands possible. Everybody knows how nice people they are. Sunny sir is very sweet, the nicest and kindest soul I have met. He was very patient with both Karan and I. At the same time he is a hard task master. Karan is also a sweet guy and we are good friends.”

“Sunny sir is my role model as he is one person I can say that never gives up. That's a very endearing quality, you don't see that these days,” continued Sahher when asked who she thinks is her role model from the industry. 


Sahher who comes from a non-filmy background also spoke about what she thinks of the nepotism debate in the industry as she said, “It does exist. Not only this but every industry” and added, “One cannot get bitter about the fact that, oh this person is getting this film because of nepotism. Its bound to happen but all you can do is put your 100 per cent in work. So many people come but at the end of the day talent is the only thing that eventually survives.” 

Sahher wants to work with Vicky Kaushal because he has done some phenomenal work, is “really fond” of Ishaan Khatter and his energy. She, however, has the “biggest crush on him since he debuted” on Varun Dhawan. The young actress also comes prepared with a list of directors she wishes to collaborate with and the names include Ashwini Tiwari, Gauri Shinde, Anand L Rai, Zoya Akhtar and more. 

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