Amid Aryan Khan's court case, what happens to Shah Rukh Khan's pending projects?

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Mumbai Written By: Subhash K JhaUpdated: Oct 27, 2021, 01:33 PM IST
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Did Shah Rukh Khan have a premonition about the crisis that has now befallen his family?

Did Shah Rukh Khan have a premonition about the crisis that has now befallen his family? How else do we explain the fact that he signed no films after 2018’s 'Zero' for the next two years so that now when he cannot work there is only one pending assignment that has been affected by the crisis.

That pending assignment is the action thriller 'Pathan'. Being directed by Siddharth Anand the film stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham alongside Shah Rukh Khan. Salman Khan, a  close buddy of Shah Rukh, has a very special appearance in the film.

The film’s next schedule in  Spain which was to begin mid-October now stands postponed until Shah  Rukh is in a  position to resume shooting.

Sources state that all Shah Rukh’s co-actors have assured him that they will accommodate the next schedule of Pathan into their choc-a-bloc date diaries whenever he wants them to.

A  frightening sense of despair and hopelessness has crept into the attitude of Khan’s close friends, all of who now feel there is way too much pressure to keep him inside. They feel he may not be granted bail for some time now.

 Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday is coming up on 2  November. Sources close to Shah Rukh said he will request his fans not to gather at his home this time as they do every year.

“Not just  Shah Rukh’s birthday,  Aryan’s birthday is also coming up  (on 13 November). The thought of Aryan spending his birthday in jail is giving all of us panic attacks,” says a family friend of the Khans.

I remember in a conversation many years ago Shah Rukh had affectionately mentioned he and I share the same birth date. “And my son Aryan is also a Scorpion, just like us. We scorpions are  known to be  strong and resilient.”

I hope and pray these qualities are coming in handy for Aryan Khan as he spends more time in the hell-hole.He needs all the strength and resilience he can muster.