7 unique crowdfunding projects that will make the world a happy place

Delhi, IndiaWritten By: WION EdgeUpdated: Jan 18, 2017, 07:26 AM IST

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Each year, crowdfunding offers us the best of innovative minds who come together to put out a brilliant idea. The current lot of crowd-funders have made interesting choices in bringing forth ideas that people can contribute to.

Here are some very unique products that are either currently under process of funding or have reached their final stage: 


AER leverages drone technology to bring you a whole new perspective. It allows you to throw your GoPro camera in the air for amazing aerial shots. It is a foam dart designed to fly straight and far while protecting the camera. The system is safe, although the user will have to fasten the kit well to the camera. The idea struck the founders when they wanted a cheaper alternative to make GoPros airborne.

Calla: Indoor Garden

Calla is born out of the need for an indoor garden that will keep your favourite herbs healthy and within reach, at all times. It takes care of plotted plants with appropriate lighting and controlled watering. The indoor garden is easy to use, keeps the herbs fresh for months and can be harvested several times. It was developed with an aim to fight food waste with different cuisine lovers not wasting the herbs they love and using only the needed quantity.

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Head-Up Display GPS Unit

For all the hassles you face while driving to a new location, there is a genius navigation device under process. Head-Up Display Unit (HUD) GPS device can connect to any smartphone and will project a virtual image of the route onto your car's windshield. It aims to make driving safe, with people not having to shift attention to their phones for directions. It can be placed on the dashboard of the car and easily pairs with any smartphone. It can also project incoming calls, messages, and social media notifications.

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Prisma’s Cold-Brew Coffee

Coffee machines are readily available in the market, but Prisma’s machine aims to change the way we drink our coffee. What’s more, the machine will ready a cup of coffee in a matter of ten minutes. The Prisma Cold Brew requires no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or apps to function. It is simply a classic coffee making machine. It has a specialized vacuum infusion process, which speeds up the process to brew a fresh cup of cold-brew coffee.

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Travelmate Robotics' Suitcase

It is a smart suitcase that can carry itself and follows your direction via GPS. For those who hate carrying baggage, this is all that you can ask for. The first truly autonomous suitcase, Travelmate is LED-lit and has omni wheels that weave through crowds and can be connected with any smartphone. The suitcase can be opened manually or via a fingerprint enabled lock system.

Vi: Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

Artificial intelligence continues to make our lives easier and Vi takes it a notch above. Imagine working out with a personal trainer who reads, understands and communicates with you, at your beck and call. There are many fitness tracking devices in the market, and with this new AI, health and fitness can get a gradual boost. Still under the initial stages of funding, Vi offers a look into the future of the fitness industry. 

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Smart Pillow

The ZEEQ’s smart pillow comes with a promise to make sleeping enjoyable and productive with less disturbance to anyone sleeping close-by. It works for all kinds of sleepers, like those who snore or are motion-sensitive. It has REM-Fit audio so that you can listen to music without causing any noise, a snore alarm, a smart wake mechanism and much more. It can also be connected to any smartphone, which allows the pillow to track your sleep trends, habits and can even track diet and exercise. 

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(Contributed by: Zeba Khan)