US: People at risk of developing harmful diseases due to contaminated tap water

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New Delhi Published: Nov 04, 2021, 07:01 PM(IST)

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The researchers analysed data from nearly 50,000 water systems from across the US to come to a conclusion

A report by a leading environmental group in the US has claimed that many people are at risk of developing liver diseases due to the contaminated tap water that they have been consuming. As a part of the report, the researchers discovered 56 new contaminants, including pesticides and radioactive materials. These contaminants are consumed by Americans on a daily basis.

The researchers analysed data from nearly 50,000 water systems from across the US to come to a conclusion.

The problem is mainly caused by the decaying infrastructure and the pollution from toxic "forever chemicals." This can be found in water, air, food or even in shampoo or makeup, claims the report. 

There are several thousand types of forever chemicals, or what is called Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS).

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Once these chemicals are ingested, they can accumulate in the body. Few studies have revealed that exposure to PFAS can lead to problems with fertility, developmental delays in children, increased risks of obesity. It can also lead to certain cancers, including prostate, kidney and testicular. 

EWG senior scientist Tasha Stoiber said, "It speaks to the fact that we don’t have nearly strong enough regulations in place to protect drinking water, and the regulation process is much too slow."

“We’re testing for things that are already in our drinking water after the fact … and we’re not keeping pace with these chemicals.”

US President Joe Biden's administration has announced a strategy to regulate PFAS chemicals. However, it is yet to be implemented. 

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