Trump goes for golf amid coronavirus pandemic

New DelhiEdited By: Palki SharmaUpdated: May 27, 2020, 07:10 AM IST

US President Donald Trump Photograph:(Reuters)

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It was Donald Trump's second golf trip during the pandemic and as per some reports his 266th golf trip as the president of the United States.

The coronavirus has engulfed the world and Donald Trump has once again broken the record of how many times he has played golf as the US president.

The US president had made a promise to the American people that he won't play the sport at all after he gets to the White House. A promise that he has failed to keep - even during a pandemic.

Trump just loves golfing, so on a sunny Saturday morning he headed towards his own golf club in Sterling, Virginia. TV cameras accompanied the presidential motorcade on its way to the Trump national golf club, after all it was going to be his first time at a golf course in three months.

A few moments later the US president emerged wearing a white cap and a white polo shirt accompanying him on the golf course were some White House officials all of them had to take a break after saving so many lives.

So they decided to relax a little and not wear masks. A couple of hours at the golf course and Trump realised that the cameras were still there. So he decided to wave at them and head back to the White House. He departed the venue a few minutes later as his motorcade drove down the road a few demonstrators gathered with placards, perhaps a sign of love.

Only this time Donald Trump didn't think of it that way as soon as he reached the White House, he unleashed a barrage of tweets. Tweets about the fake and totally corrupt news which made his outing sound like a mortal sin.

Tweets about why the same media does not talk about all of the time Obama spent on the golf course and tweets about how he has shattered 100 per cent of the ISIS Caliphate.


Trump says he deserves credit for doing so because he was "left a mess" even as the United States still leads the world with more 1.6 million cases of this virus. The coronavirus death toll is closing in on the 100,000 mark, it currently stands at 98,223.


Is it then a good time to play golf? The United States was commemorating Memorial Day, its most somber national holiday. A day meant to pay tributes to martyred American soldiers not to head out for a golf trip. Certainly not if you're the president. It was his second golf trip during the pandemic and as per some reports his 266th golf trip as the president of the United States.

According to some reports, the White House has apparently spent $130 million on these outings if reports are to be believed. Donald Trump's golf trips have cost millions to American taxpayers, they are now costing American lives.