'Real emergency': Top German virologist warns of 100,000 Covid deaths as cases continue to surge

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New Delhi Published: Nov 11, 2021, 09:11 AM(IST)

Coronavirus cases in Germany increase; hospitals struggle Photograph:( Reuters )

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Saxony has the highest seven-day infection rate in Germany with 459 cases per 100,000 people

As Germany continues to battle with the fourth wave of deadly coronavirus, a top virologist has warned that a further 100,000 people can die. Christian Drosten described it as a real emergency situation and said "We have to act right now." Also, doctors have warned that this wave could be the worst yet.

Saxony has the highest seven-day infection rate in Germany with 459 cases per 100,000 people. The german state has now banned unvaccinated people from bars, restaurants, public events and leisure facilities. 

This has raged the anti-vaxxers, many of which were seen protesting in Leipzig. 

Earlier this week, incidence rate which measures the number of new coronavirus infections per 100,000 people over the last seven days soared to 201.1 a record since the pandemic erupted more than a year ago.

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Vaccination rates have stagnated at under 70 per cent as officials plead in for the population to get the jab. "For the unvaccinated, the risk is high that they will become infected in the coming months," warned RKI chief Lothar Wieler. 

The surge in German cases comes with the country following September's general election. The incoming coalition parties have so far ruled out mandatory jabs. The parties have further said that there will be no new lockdowns, at least not for the vaccinated.

Not just Germany, but cases are surging in various parts of Europe. 

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Greek Prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said the country is has been hit by the "fourth wave" of the virus as Europe continues to reel under the coronavirus pandemic.

French President Emmanuel Macron urged countrymen to get vaccinated amid rising hospitalisations in the country. Reports said COVID-19 cases have also surged in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. 

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