McDonald's to help in child care, education costs and better wage to lure employees back

WION Web Team
New York, United StatesUpdated: Jul 14, 2021, 07:10 PM IST

File photo of McDonald's logo. Photograph:(AFP)

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McDonald's has started offering several benefits and increased wages to help employees gain trust in the organisation. This move has come months after several franchises laid off majority of their employees during the coronavirus pandemic

Fast-food chain giant McDonald’s was one of the biggest corporations in the hospitality sector that laid off employees during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the company is now struggling to lure employees back.

A lot of the McDonald’s outlets are owned by franchises that had to lay off staff to stop the outlets from closing down permanently. When the pandemic hit and employees were laid off to save costs, the outlets didn’t think it would be this difficult to call back the workforce.

Now, to lure employees back, some of these franchises have started offering benefits to workers, with some help from the brand.

‘Employee Value Proposition’, the new plan, aims at providing a more employee-friendly workspace. Under this plan, employees who are called in for work at the last minute will be provided with the facility of emergency child care service.

The franchises are now aiming to provide free meals to employees on shift. They will also help with education costs for those hoping to complete their high school degree and higher education.

In addition to this, McDonald’s has also decided to increase the daily wage to nearly $15 per hour.

While all benefits sound good, it remains to be seen whether the workforce will be attracted back or not by these promises. Several surveys have revealed that workers are scared to re-enter the hospitality sector due to excessive hours, immense workload, unemployment benefits, and increased healthcare risks.