Mark Zuckerberg may not testify before UK Parliament

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Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 16, 2018, 07:55 PM IST

(File photo) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Photograph:(Reuters)

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Zuckerberg is facing regulatory probes over data breach and privacy violation of around 90 million users. 

As per reports, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will not be testifying before the UK Parliament.

Parliament members had previously noted that Zuckerberg would be summoned to testify in connection to the Cambridge Analytica data leak whenever he is in the country next.

Facebook officials have now noted that Zuckerberg does not plan to do so.

Parliamentary member Damian Collins called the incident "disappointing". 

"It is disappointing that a company with the resources of Facebook chooses not to provide a sufficient level of detail and transparency on various points including on Cambridge Analytica, dark ads, Facebook Connect, the amount spent by Russia on UK ads on the platform, data collection across the web, budgets for investigations, and that shows general discrepancies between Schroepfer and Zuckerberg’s respective testimonies. Given that these were follow up questions to questions Mr Schroepfer previously failed to answer, we expected both detail and data, and in a number of cases got excuses," Collins noted in a statement. 
Collins urged Zuckerberg to appear via video link if he does not plan to present himself in person before the Parliament. 

"If Mark Zuckerberg truly recognises the ‘seriousness’ of these issues as they say they do, we would expect that he would want to appear in front of the Committee and answer questions that are of concern not only to Parliament but Facebook’s tens of millions of users in this country. Although Facebook says Mr Zuckerberg has no plans to travel to the UK, we would also be open to taking his evidence by video link, if that would be the only way to do this during the period of our inquiry," read the statement. 
Zuckerberg and his social media giant, Facebook, emerge at the centre of a controversy that involves UK-based data analysis company Cambridge Analytica.

Zuckerberg is facing regulatory probes over data breach and privacy violation of around 90 million users.