'I was flat-out raped': Amy Schumer reveals being assaulted as a teenager

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USA Published: Feb 02, 2018, 01:04 PM(IST)

The actress has received nominations for the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Original Screenplay and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Photograph:( AFP )

Popular comedian Amy Schumer is the latest to join the list of Hollywood celebrities who have been victims of sexual abuse and assault. 

Appearing on US TV host Katie Couric's podcast on Thursday, Amy revealed that she was "raped as a teenager" -- in her first sexual encounter. She also voiced her concerns around Aziz Ansari sexual abuse debate and how what he did was "not acceptable". 

She said: “My first sexual experience was not a good one. I didn’t think about it until I started reading my journal again. When it happened, I wrote about it almost like a throwaway. It was like, ‘and then I looked down and realised he was inside of me. He was saying, 'I’m so sorry', and, 'I can’t believe I did this'.”

Amy had previously disclosed that her first sexual experience was non-consensual when discussing it in her autobiography, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

She went on to say that this was not a lone experience in her life and added: “There are just so many factors. I had another time with a boyfriend where I was saying: ‘No, stop’ and it was just completely ignored."

The comedian also discussed the recent allegations made against Aziz Ansari, saying that although she believes what he was accused of doing wasn’t a crime, it wasn’t acceptable either.

She said, “I don’t think anyone wants to see Aziz’s career ruined or his life ruined or anything like that, but that’s where people’s minds go. They go: ‘Does he deserve this?’ And it’s really not about that. I think it’s about expressing and showing women that that behaviour is not OK and not only can you leave, but you need to leave." 

“If you have a doctor that makes you uncomfortable, or you get a massage, or you have a date with someone and they coerce you in a situation like the Aziz one, I don’t think there’s any sort of criminal charge,” she added.

In the podcast, Amy said she sympathised with the woman who alleged that Aziz took advantage of her and pressurised her into performing sexual acts. 

Aziz had denied any such allegations and said that he felt "everything was consensual". 

Amy added: “I think that it’s good for everybody to learn that that behaviour’s not acceptable. It’s not a crime, but it’s not cool. And it can still really mess with a woman. We just can’t let things continue the way they’ve continued because there are so many different levels of it.”

Ever since Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused by over 100 women of sexual abuse, rape and harassment, a legal defence fund called Time's Up has been created by Hollywood women to provide women without power and money to fight predators. 

Golden Globes was completely black this year with Hollywood men and women coming dressed in Time's Up pins and standing by #MeToo campaign. 

Last week, Grammy 2018 also saw big names from the music industry stand in support of the campaign. 


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