COVID-19: WHO takes a U-turn on China; admits China never reported coronavirus

Edited By: Palki Sharma WION
New Delhi, India Published: Jul 03, 2020, 09:18 PM(IST)

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For six months, WHO claimed that China informed it about the coronavirus on December 31. However, now it has taken a big U-turn.

It's been a while since we heard from the World Health Organization, a body which in its attempts to please China left the world unprepared to deal with this pandemic.

WHO downplayed the threat and tried to coverup, and eventually delayed the global response.

WION has discussed all these crimes in detail several times in the past. We were even promised an interview to clarify, but the WHO Chief chickened out.

So, we decided to find out just what the body has been upto after failing to live up to its core mission. What we found out is quite worrying.

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The World Health Organization has quietly altered the sequence of events that led to this pandemic, in simpler words, the WHO has changed the very timeline of the coronavirus pandemic.

For six months, WHO claimed that China informed it about the coronavirus on December 31. However, now it has taken a big U-turn

On December 31, 2019, WHO stated, "Wuhan municipal health commission reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified."

WHO clearly stated that the virus was identified on December 31. This statement implied that the virus was reported to the WHO by China.

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Now, the updated timeline has the same date but WHO has now said, "WHO's country office in the people's republic of china picked up a media statement by the Wuhan municipal health commission from their website on cases of 'viral pneumonia' in Wuhan."

The mention of coronavirus being identified has quietly been removed. The fact that it was reported too has been blacked out. WHO is clearly stating that China did not report the existence of this virus on December 31.

This is not the only change that has been made. The archived timeline stated that on January 01, "WHO had put itself on an emergency footing for dealing with the outbreak..."

"Emergency footing" has smartly been rephrased into "coordinating activities" and an addition has been made.

The WHO says that it "requested information on the reported cluster in Wuhan from Chinese authorities". It took six months for this body to realise it was yet to receive information from China.

Why didn't it clarify back then that no information was provided? If altering information wasn't enough, the WHO has added new dates. The previous timeline made no mention that the WHO received information from China on january 03. This information has smartly been slipped into the new timeline.

"3 january 2020, Chinese officials provided information to WHO on the cluster of cases of viral pneumonia of unknown cause identified in Wuhan"

For six months, the WHO Chief publicly praised China's response. The organization urged the world to not politicise this pandemic, and now they're saying that china never provided information about the coronavirus.

These changes have not only exposed China further, but they have dented the WHO's credibility altogether.

WION strongly feels that the World Health Organization should be held accountable for facilitating this pandemic.

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