Chinese Army conducts nuclear, chemical, biological warfare drills in Tibet

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NEW DELHIEdited By: Nikhil PandeyUpdated: Dec 18, 2021, 04:12 PM IST

Chinese Army (representative image). Photograph:(Reuters)

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Commandos, armoured assault groups, and soldiers skilled in chemical warfare took part in the exercise, which was made up of personnel from several branches of the army.

In the Tibet Military Region, China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently conducted a "actual battle drill" comprising anti-nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare.

The drill was carried out in late November by a joint military brigade of the PLA, which included commandos, armoured assault groups, and soldiers trained in chemical warfare, according to a story published on the Chinese version of an official PLA news portal on Tuesday.

The Western Theatre Command (WTC), China's largest of five commands, is in charge of the Sino-India disputed boundary from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh.

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 The news comes as India and China are locked in a long-running border standoff in eastern Ladakh.

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According to the story, "an actual combat drill of a synthetic brigade of the Tibet Military Region took place on the snow-covered plateau in late November,' according to the story.

The article published on the official PLA news portal was headlined: "A synthetic brigade of the Tibet military region carried out a cross-day and night mobile multi-arm coordinated actual combat drill."

The drill's scene, directives, and roles of different wings and participating soldiers were all outlined in the article, which was only available in Chinese.

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However, neither the location nor the duration of the entire drill were mentioned.

"After rockets were launched and the armoured assault group was deployed, army engineers were called in to plant explosives on the targeted "obstacle," according to a rough translation of the Chinese report.

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The commanding officer then issued a threat of "nuclear, biological, and chemical attack."

"A nuclear, biological, and chemical attack has occurred!"

An instant direction command appeared out of nowhere.

The third battalion's commander, Li Qunfeng, put on gas masks and hurriedly proceeded through the poisoned zone before reporting the situation to the command post and asking assistance from the chemical defence detachment to clean." 

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