China coronavirus: Medical staff in Wuhan fighting an uphill battle among infected patients

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Beijing, Beijing, China Updated: Jan 24, 2020, 05:05 PM(IST)

Medical workers in central China's Wuhan City have faced up to their responsibilities regardless of the risks, with many putting in gruelling shifts as they support patients fighting viral pneumonia following the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus in the city. The Jinyintan hospital is one of nine specialist medical facilities designated for treating pneumonia patients in Wuhan, where staff have been working to combat the coronavirus since the first patient entered the hospital on December 29. As of now, the hospital has taken in a total of 170 pneumonia patients, of which 28 have been discharged while 137 still undergo treatment. Five victims have lost their lives at the hands of the illness despite the best efforts of staff.

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The death toll has risen to 25 deaths and 830 cases due to the Wuhan virus that’s spreading rapidly worldwide.

The city of Wuhan in China is the focal point of the deadly virus outbreak. The infection has now spread a long ways past China. The city of Wuhan is under lockdown alongside 9 different cities of the country.

The death toll has risen to 25 deaths and 830 cases due to the Wuhan virus that’s spreading rapidly worldwide.

Now, the burden of controlling this outbreak falls on the medical staff.

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Emergency clinic staff are put on furious calendars as an ever-increasing number of individuals are getting contaminated every day. 


(Passengers arriving from the Chinese city of Wuhan arrive at Narita Airport | Photo Credit: Reuters)

This puts them at high danger of getting the infection out of this world into close contact with coronavirus-contaminated patients.

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"When we come in to take over, we first make clear the patient's condition and vital signs, to avoid emergencies. Besides, we will also provide attentive care to the calm and clear-minded patients, and pay attention to whether they feel uncomfortable or if they want to eat," said Liu Hongjuan, a nurse inward.

Nurses have not just the most crucial role. But also the most dangerous.

However, in a stoic turn, they are going about their work with a great sense of duty.

Zhu Tinigxuan, a nurse assisting Jinyintan hospital from People's Hospital-Hubei said that "We are still young ourselves after all, so from the bottom of our heart, we may feel lost, afraid or worried. Our family members are worried as well. But as long as we put on the suit, we are not worried anymore. We are medical workers, and we must play our roles as long as we are wearing white coats."

Nurses from across the country have been brought in to Wuhan. To beef up the headcount at a time of crisis. And they have it even more difficult.

"Under such intensity of work, we feel that we can already endure the tiredness, and we did not complain to anyone. Only our family members know how tough this is for us. As I am not a local, my parents are not here. So we talk through the phone every day," said Jiang Wei, nurse of intensive care unit, Jinyintan Hospital.

These nurses are the bulwark against the deadly new virus. They are fighting this war on the frontlines. Any hopes of survival and recovery rest on them.

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