'Ban no-knock warrant': Biden-Harris react to Breonna Taylor's unjust ruling

WION Web Team
Washington, United StatesUpdated: Sep 24, 2020, 02:16 PM IST


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Grieving for lack of justice to applauding deployment of national guard, here's how US elections' candidates responded to Breonna Taylor's ruling

Protests broke out in different parts of the US after a jury issued a ruling in the case of Breonna Taylor's fatal shooting case on Wednesday.

A grand jury considering the case announced that one out of three policemen responsible for shooting the Black medical worker will be charged for wanton endangerment.

This led to several protests across the country as people demanded justice for the 26-year-old who was shot by police officers in her own home on March 13 claiming it to be a narcostics raid.

The ruling got mixed reviews from the candidates of the upcoming US elections that are scheduled for November 03 this year.

During the protests, two policemen were shot — details are awaited on their and the suspect's identities. Hoping speedy recovery for them, the US President Donald Trump tweeted, "Praying for the two police officers that were shot tonight in Louisville, Kentucky. The Federal Government stands behind you and is ready to help. Spoke to 
@GovAndyBeshear and we are prepared to work together, immediately upon request!"


The tweet attracted criticism from Americans who believe the ruling did not do justice to Breonna Taylor.

He also applauded Kentucky Governor's move to deploy National Guard after protests broke out in the state. "We have a call scheduled to make very shortly with the governor. I understand he's called up the National Guard, which is a good thing. I think it's a very positive thing," Trump said. "And it'll all work out."

Trump's opponent in the US elections Joe Biden, condemned the violence against the policemen in the protests, but also lent support to those grieving the lack of justice in the country. "Even amidst the profound grief & anger today's decision generated, violence is never & can never be the answer. Those who engage in it must be held accountable. Jill & I are keeping the officers shot tonight in Louisville in our prayers. We wish them both a swift & full recovery," he tweeted.


His running mate Kamala Harris, too, offered condolences to the policemen who were shot. However, she took a stronger stand against the ruling by condeming the 'no-knock' warrants. "Tonight, I’m thinking of Breonna Taylor’s family who is still grieving the loss of a daughter and sister. We must never stop speaking Breonna’s name as we work to reform our justice system, including overhauling no-knock warrants," she tweeted.

The opposition was supported by Joe Biden in an official statement that read, "We need to start by addressing the use of excessive force, banning chokeholds, and overhauling no-knock warrants."