After flagging Trump's tweet as 'manipulated media', Twitter suspends account of content creator

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Jun 24, 2020, 05:04 PM IST

Twitter logo (representative image) Photograph:(Reuters)

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The doctored video showed two toddlers - Black and White “running away” from each other, and referred to a baby as “racist”

The social networking giant Twitter Inc permanently suspended the account of an online right-wing figure for violation of copyright policy.

The person in question had tweeted out a fake video last week which was then re-shared by US President Donald Trump.

The doctored video showed two toddlers - Black and White “running away” from each other, and referred to a baby as “racist”.


The clip, originally played on CNN, was a joyful tale of two best friends of different races. To ensure its veracity, Twitter flagged Trump’s repost as “manipulated media”.

Twitter has been openly taking action against Trump’s tweet over the last month. In just the last 24 hours, this was the second action against US President. A tweet in which Trump threatened protesters in Washington DC with “serious force” was also taken down for violating its policy on threatening violence.

In May, when protests against racial discrimination soared across the US, Trump referred to demonstrators and “thugs”, which was also flagged by Twitter.

Following this, Trump announced plans to bring in an executive order to limit the powers of social media.

The doctored video in question was initially posted by Carpe Donktum, a Trump-supporter account. Responding to the clip, Twitter said that it had suspended the account permanently for “repeated violations” on posting copyrighted material.

"I received a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown order this morning for that video, and a few hours later a suspension letter", Donktum posted on Locals, a similar platform.

Usually, Twitter provides way for one to redeem their account after violations, which includes a temporary ban and/or limits on interaction. However, none of these were provided to Donktum, to which he responded with "So I assume they intend this to be final and permanent”.

Earlier in July, Donktum’s account was banned temporary for posting a doctored video of Trump as a cowboy attacking CNN journalist Jim Acosta.

Trump has been in the centre of another controversy owing to the book released by his ex-aide. The book is titled “The Room Where It Happened”, and has been at the centre of controversy in terms of its content. According to Bolton, Trump had sought political favours from Chinese President Xi Jinping and had allegedly not raised any red flags with China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims, who are reportedly kept in concentration camps.

Recently, Trump held his first post-coronavirus rally in Tulsa, which saw lesser turnout than expected. Reportedly, thousands of tickets were reserved by TikTok and K-pop fans who had no plans of going to the rally.