Watch: McDonald's employee, 19, runs 10 km each night in hopes of joining Indian Army

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New DelhiUpdated: Mar 21, 2022, 06:37 PM IST

(Image: @vinodkapri) A smiling Pradeep Mehra (19) captured in the video while on his customary 10 km run at night Photograph:(Twitter)

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The video of the running boy, shot by Indian filmmaker Vinod Kapri has struck a chord with millions. People are lauding the sheer tenacity and ease with which Pradeep Mehra, the 19-year-old, is taking life in his stride

A video shot by Indian filmmaker Vinod Kapri has gone viral online and has garnered millions of views. It is not because of glitzy tricks that nowadays are commonly used to make a video viral. The video is being loved due to the sheer indomitable spirit of a young man who is the sole star shining bright in this clip.

In this video, he is running and running, crossing more distance than most of us can cross in a single sprint. The 19-year-old is Pradeep Mehra who works at a McDonald's in Noida Sector 16 near Indian capital New Delhi.

When Kapri saw this boy running in the dead of the night with a bag on his back, he thought the boy was in trouble and offered to give him lift in a car he was driving. 

But the boy refused repeated offers, all the while running a steady clip. The reason? It's in the video below which was shared on Twitter 


The sheer tenacity of the boy and ease with which he downplays the huge effort he is taking to achieve his life goals have struck a chord with millions who have watched the video, perhaps again and again.

Pradeep Mehra, the 19-year-old, is receiving praise from film stars, political leaders, armymen and more. Something in his tenacious but at the same time dreamy run is perhaps making everyone reach for that passionate youthful spark which perhaps most of us forget that we have, well beyond the age of 19.

"I can watch this countless times and not be content. He has purity in his heart at a tender age of 19. Perhaps political leaders, officials in highest echelons of power may feel dwarfed before the tenacity of this young boy. I pray all his dreams come true," tweeted Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi. His tweet was in Hindi.



"Wow!! Inspiration," tweeted actor Rakul Singh


Countless helping hands have come ahead offering training to the boy so he can crack the arduous selection process of the Indian Army. People are even ready to help his mother who according to Mehra is hospitaised.

Youthful spark and tenacity have the potential to move the world indeed!