Watch: Flightless bird makes cars lurch after it runs at 45mph on Chinese highway

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Beijing, China Published: Jan 05, 2022, 06:37 PM(IST)

In this picture, an ostrich can be seen on the highway in Tianjin, northern China Photograph:( Twitter )

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The ostrich had reportedly escaped from a transport truck on the Rongcheng–Wuhai Expressway in the city of Tianjin

The video of an ostrich running at 45 miles per hour on a Chinese highway and making cars lurch is going viral on the internet.

The flightless bird had reportedly escaped from a transport truck on the Rongcheng–Wuhai Expressway in the city of Tianjin.


The driver had been transporting the ostriches to Jizhou District. His truck's door fell open when he hit a speed bump on the way.

As per local media, an onlooker said the ostrich was ''as big as a car'' and was rushing down the highway through busy rush hour traffic.

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Police were eventually able to wrangle the bird without any injuries to it or others. They herded it into an enclosed courtyard.

Ostriches can cause severe damage in a collision with a car as they are almost nine feet tall and weigh up to 330 pounds.

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They can be aggressive and were listed as one of the most dangerous birds.

As per a study published in the Zagazig Journal of Agricultural Research, the ostrich has become one of the valuable agricultural enterprises in many countries of the world. China has become Asia's number one ostrich species raiser with about 20,000 ostrich bred farms. 

China started in 1992 to import some ostrich species from South Africa. Ostriches have been raised globally since the 1980s for their feathers, meat, egg, hair, and bone are all of high economic value.

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