Escaping death by inches: Meteorite crashes into house with a woman sleeping inside

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New DelhiUpdated: Oct 13, 2021, 08:43 PM IST

(Photo: Giselle Roeder) Image shows the damaged roof and the meteorite that landed on the bed Photograph:(Facebook)

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While people not far from her house enjoyed the spectacular view of meteor shower, a meteorite decided to leave the celestial stage and burst through the roof od the woman's house. It landed just inches from her head

Heavens open when they want to bless you. It's just that you have to pray that the blessings don't come in the form of a solid rock just when you are sleeping.

A woman in Canada got the scare of her life as a meteorite crashed through her roof and landed just beside her pillow where her head had been.

The incident took place in British Columbia region of Canada on October 4. While many in Canada were treated to a spectacular sight of meteorites and fireballs in the sky recently, Ruth Hamilton, the woman, will surely have nightmarish memory of the day.

The sound and crash of the meteorite woke her up with a start. She could feel the debris on her face. She found the remnant of the meteorite, the size of a rock, just next to her pillow on her bed.

Ruth literally escaped death by inches!

That this would be a space rock was not the first thing she would have imagined in her startled state. As per a news report, Ruth called the police in her panicked state. When the officers came, they found out that this was not a case of home invasion. They also ascertained that the rock must not have come from a nearby construction site.

She told the local media that she was so scared, she thought someone had entered her house holding a gun.