Police and judiciary among most corrupt institutions in Pakistan: Survey

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New Delhi, India Published: Dec 09, 2021, 11:20 PM(IST)

Pakistan's ruling party's workers resentful of changes introduced by PM Imran Khan Photograph:( AFP )

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Survey also revealed top public services for which people paid bribes to get access

Police and judiciary are the most corrupt institutions in Pakistan, revealed Transparency International Pakistan survey published on Wednesday (December 8). After police and the judicial system, tendering and contracting was ranked as the third most corrupt sector. The survey is a compilation of the perception of levels and frequency of corruption faced by commoners daily. 

The analysis of data collected after the survey revealed that a vast majority 85.9 per cent of people considered that the federal government's self-accountability to be unsatisfactory. Also, a large population of Pakistanis (72.8%) believe that public sector corruption is present at the grassroots levels.  

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As per the data, If we compared the three federal governments, the majority of Pakistanis (92.9%) consider inflation and price hike to be the highest in the current Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government (2018-2021). Compared to 4.6% in PML N government (2013-2018) and 2.5% in PPP government (2008-2013). 12. 

Also, around 85.9% of people in Pakistan said that their income levels have rather squeezed and decreased during the last three years. 

TIP has conducted National Corruption Perception Surveys five times: NCPS 2002, NCPS 2006, NCPS 2009, NCPS 2010 and 2011. After a gap of over 10 years, NCPS has been revived and a survey was conducted in all four provinces from October to October 27 with 1,600 respondents. 

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Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that the health sector has climbed to become 4th in the corruption list since the last NCPS 2011. Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it appears to be a grim reality that the country is facing. 

Police (41.4 per cent), judiciary (17.4 per cent) and contracting and tendering (10.3 per cent) are the three most corrupt sectors. 

The survey further revealed that According to the Judicial Statistics of Pakistan 2020 report by the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee, there are 46,698 cases pending in Supreme Court and 1,772,990 cases pending in District Judiciary. 

As per the survey contracts of roads (59.8 per cent), cleanliness and garbage collection (13.8 per cent), access to water (13.3 per cent) and the drainage system (13.1 per cent) are top the list of public services for which people have to pay bribes to get access to. 

According to the survey, the three most important causes of corruption are weak accountability (51.9 per cent), the greed of powerful people (29.3 per cent) and low salaries (18.8 per cent), said the Pakistani publication. 

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