Imran's salary not enough to run household? WION accesses Pak PM's salary slip

WION Web Team Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan Jan 22, 2020, 08.08 PM(IST)

File photo of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Photograph:( Reuters )

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WION accessed the Pakistan PM Imran Khan's payslip which shows Imran gets over 2 lakh as gross salary every month

Pakistan PM Imran Khan during a meeting with traders on the need to pay taxes recently had harped on the fact that the salary he earns is not enough to run his household.

WION accessed the Pakistan prime minister's payslip which shows Imran gets over 2 lakh as gross salary every month which includes allowances and after deductions it comes to Rs 1,96, 979.

Imran Khan

During his speech, Imran had cited his expenses as an individual and as a public servant to make a point to traders while accusing Opposition leaders of minting money by cheating on taxes.

It is no secret inflation has badly hit the average Pakistani citizen. The Pakistan prime minister has been under fire as a nationwide shortage of wheat has led to a surge in prices of bread and roti.

Pakistan's economy has seen the rupee plummeting as the country battles rampant price rise of various commodities including pulses and flour. Several provinces in the country have reported a shortage of flour.

Despite this, the fact that the Pakistan PM tried to play a political game by trying to identify with an average citizen wouldn't exactly make his countrymen happy. The Pakistan PM's basic pay alone of Rs 107, 280 is enough to feed an average Pakistani household, leave alone the gross amount.

The Pakistan economy has been in doldrums for a while with rising debt with the Pak prime minister himself going to various countries to pick up much-needed aid for the country.

A recent World Bank report had presented gloomy picture for the country stating that the growth in Pakistan had actually decelerated with the Pakistan rupee depreciating nearly twenty per cent and the Budget deficit rising sharply. The report highlighted that revenue collecting had dipped as well.