Heartbreaking: Desperate Afghan mothers throw children over Kabul airport fence in bid to escape Taliban

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Kabul, AfghanistanUpdated: Aug 20, 2021, 02:23 PM IST


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Several videos on social media appear to show helpless Afghan women attempting to ensure the safety of their children, some even flinging the kids to the soldiers over wire fencing at Kabul airport  

Taliban now controls Afghanistan, this is no secret to the world. Despite the longest war the United States has ever waged, the group seized control of the country with ease. 

In the wake of the panic and fear affecting the streets of the Afghan capital, some heart-breaking videos have emerged on social media. 

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The videos show helpless Afghan women trying to ensure the safety of their children, some even throwing their children over wired fencing to the departing soldiers.


In one such video, a small girl is seen being lifted over the perimeter fence of the Kabul airport to be handed over to an American soldier.

Other videos have emerged, purportedly showing mothers throwing their children over the razor wires in hopes that the soldiers would help.


These videos, seen this week on social media, highlight Afghans' sense of desperation and fear of what the Taliban's sudden return to power will mean.


A chaotic scene has seen thousands of people trying to get into Kabul's airport attempting to reach flights to the west. As a result of the ensuing chaos, several people have been killed or wounded.

When asked about the video, UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace said Britain could not evacuate unaccompanied children from Afghanistan. Wallace further stated that the child was passed down the wall while her family was being escorted out.

"We can't just take a minor on their own," Wallace told Sky News.

In the days since the Taliban took over Kabul, officials have assured Afghans and foreign powers that they will not seek revenge on former enemies or violate the rights of women and girls.

They’ve stated that they would respect the rights of women, according to Islamic law.

However, Afghanistan's people are sceptical. Kabul's roads have largely remained empty, with very few people venturing out of their homes. Women remain missing from the scene.

Between 1996 and 2001, when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan; girls could not attend school, women could not work, and if they wanted to go out, they had to be accompanied by a male relative.

If someone broke the rules, they were subject to humiliation and public beatings by the Taliban's religious police.

Following recent events at Kabul airport, questions have been raised about foreign nations' responsibility to Afghan refugees fleeing persecution.

Hundreds of migrants have arrived at airports across Europe and beyond, however many more are still waiting, stuck and afraid.


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