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New Delhi, Delhi, India Updated: Jan 03, 2018, 04:11 PM(IST)

In Hyderabad, a 28-year-old robotics engineer has developed a Beta Version ( prototype) of Robot which can do policing. Photograph:( WION Web Team )


Prasad Bhosekar 

Long ago, Hollywood had introduced us to "Robocop''. Now, a desi version of Robocop is getting ready. It's not a film but a real robot being "Made in India" and which is being developed as "cop" to do policing.
In Hyderabad, a 28-year-old robotics engineer has developed a beta version ( prototype ) of the robot which can do policing.

Named "smart policing robot,'' this prototype which is in an advanced stage of completion is being programmed to do policing jobs like identifying suspects, interact with people, take complaints among a host of other features.
"In Dubai, I had seen robots which are doing the job of interacting with people at public places. I got an idea why not go a step ahead and incorporate host of security and policing related features and more importantly make them in India,'' says PSV Kisshhan, founder and CEO of H-Bots, a Hyderabad-based startup.
Six months back, Kisshhan and his team of 24 people all of whom are in the age group of 25 years started working on "smart policing robot''.

"The current beta version is made of nylon and weighs around 25 kgs but the final product will be made of plastic and will be weighing around 50-60 kgs,'' discloses Kisshhan. 
At around five feet, the robot is equipped with three cameras- two for surveillance and one for taking complaints. The display panel has features like recording complaints. It has face and gesture recognition, it can identify suspects, detect metals, monitor temperatures and also it is being designed to control thefts.
"We have developed our own software based on Java and python applications. Our Robot can move 360 degrees, has a battery life of nearly nine hours,'' discloses Kisshhan.
By July this year, the first "smart policing robot'' is expected to roll out after all the final tests.

H-Bots is planning to roll out at least 70 robots per year and sees demand not only in India but also in other countries for their product.

"We will price our robots from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs depending on the model and features. There will be two variants - indoor and outdoor. Outdoor will also be waterproof and will have a solar option.''
Kisshhan also informs that his place is open for all those enthusiasts who look for hardware and place to innovate products of their own. By 2020, Kisshhan estimates that India will be the largest robotic hub.

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