Putin, Modi share great chemistry, says Russian deputy foreign minister

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaWritten By: Sidhant SibalUpdated: Jan 09, 2019, 01:28 PM IST
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On American sanctions due to India Russia S400 deal, he said Moscow will abide by its commitments and obligations

Days after Russian President Putin wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi success in the upcoming elections in a telephonic conversation, in an exclusive conversation with WION's Principal Diplomatic Correspondent, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russian President and Indian PM share great chemistry. On American sanctions due to India Russia S400 deal, he said Moscow will abide by its commitments and obligations.

WION: Status of current India Russia ties?

Sergei Ryabkov: I think the leaders of our two countries have a great personal relationship between them. They have great chemistry. They understand each other in a manner that is so extraordinary to any leaders in the world. This is the essential factor of promotion of relationship. over the years they have met several times. They have agreed on frameworks of cooperation and we definitely think further contacts between the leaders would expand and promote our bilateral agenda. 

WION: Americans are not happy about S400 deal and sanctions under CAATSA law are being talked about. Your reaction? 

Sergei Ryabkov: We live under CAATSA for a two-plus year already. We have our practises and routines. We know how to work in this circumstance. Nothing dramatic about it. We are very prepared to honour all our obligations, irrespective of what will be done within or without CAATSA. We have our bilateral cooperation that is of great importance to Russia and all the commitments and obligations under this and other will be honoured by Russia irrespective of CAATSA.

WION: You're view on cross border terror?

Sergei Ryabkov:  We should defeat international terrorism. If can be done through more cooperation, through more understanding of best practices. How to counter the recruiting and cross-border. We doing with all countries and meaningful partners who ready to cooperate with us. Bilateral cooperation with India is extremely important and it is ongoing. The political impetus is being given at the level of president. I am sure together we can defeat it.