India's deadly heat wave: Govt issues guidelines for schools, asks to modify timings

New Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Tanisha RajputUpdated: May 12, 2022, 03:41 PM IST

In an advisory the ministry, urged school officials to limit outside activities and ensure that student stay hydrated during the school hours. Photograph:(AFP)

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Indian Government issued guidelines regarding precautions to be observed by schools to combat heat wave. "Number of school hours per day may be reduced and school assembly should be conducted in covered area," it said. "Students may be allowed to wear loose and light coloured cotton material dress. Schools may relax norms regarding uniform such as neck ties," government added.

Indian Government's Union Ministry of Education has encouraged schools to start courses early in the morning and decrease work hours to enable children cope with the heatwave sweeping throughout the country.

The announcement comes as the India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts another heat wave in Delhi starting on Friday. High temperatures are causing problems in most sections of north, central, northwest, and east India.

According to the Ministry's guidelines, school hours may begin early and end before noon. It stated that the start time might be as early as 7:00 a.m., and the amount of school hours per day could be reduced. 

According to the Ministry, sports or other outside activities that expose students to direct sunlight should be altered in the early morning. It was suggested that school assemblies be held in a covered location or in classrooms with shorter intervals. 

According to the Ministry, comparable precautions may be used during dispersal after school has ended.

In an advisory the ministry, urged school officials to limit outside activities and ensure that student stay hydrated during the school hours. It further stated that teaching and non-teaching staffs to be trained to administer first aid in case a student suffers of mild heat-stroke. 

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The guidelines also recommended schools to relax its uniform policies like neck ties and allow students to wear light coloured cotton clothes and allow students to wear Canvas shoes instead of leather.

The guidelines even had specified instructions related to food, advising teachers to check quality of the mid-day meals before serving it to students. It said, “Heat can spoil food therefore hot-cooked meals under PM POSHAN must be served hot and fresh. Children carrying tiffins may be advised not to carry food that can turn stale quickly… in every period, teachers should remind students to sip water from their water bottles.”

Schools are told to prepare strong first-aid facilities and ensure proper availability of oral rehydration solutions and plan for a speedy access to health centres nearby in emergency.  


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