Kristen Stewart had to remind herself she's not Princess Diana for this reason

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New DelhiUpdated: Oct 27, 2021, 05:27 PM IST
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"She's at her lowest point, but there's still this inner fire. Just don't let it go out," Kristen Stewart said of Princess Diana.  

Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart, who is all set to feature as the late British royal family member Princess Diana in film 'Spencer', revealed in a latest interview that she was trying to get taller for her role. 

"I tried to get taller. I'm 5ft 5in. She had such beautiful stature. I thought, 'I wish I could grow my femur! But I'm playing Diana, I'm not her...," Kristen told The Sunday Times newspaper.

'Spencer' is set in 1991, over a Christmas weekend at Sandringham. The biopic focusses on Diana's decision to terminate her marriage to Prince Charles. For this aspect of the movie, Kristen was determined to source the 'inner fire' of the late princess, a report states. 

"She's at her lowest point, but there's still this inner fire. Just don't let it go out," she was quoted as saying. 

The 'Twilight' actress talked about the changing portrayal of women in cinema. 

"We're just allowed to exist now in a way that feels curious, honest and messy. Films have been made for a long time by men and you can tell. We are getting to a place, though, where we can destigmatise things that should not be taboo. We've been conditioned our entire lives to go, 'We're OK! We don't feel anything! I don't have cramps right now!' If men had periods they'd have two weeks off a month. But, anyway, it's an exciting time to make films, as women can externalise feelings that have been suppressed forever," she said. 
Talking about the possibility of her film upsetting Prince harry and Prince William, Kritsten Stewart said, "They have been saddled with the burden of our curiosities for their entire lives and that is the job. (Diana's) legacy is clearly in her boys. They have obviously made different choices, but they've been allowed to make choices, and mistakes. Whereas, before, choices and mistakes were not to be made. Ever. That is a shift. Whether people admire their choices or not, they are making them."