Fans complain of Seinfeld losing its comic timing because of aspect ratio issue in move to Netflix

WION Web Team
New DelhiUpdated: Oct 05, 2021, 03:03 PM IST


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All episodes of the iconic 90s sitcom Seinfeld are now streaming on Netflix but fans aren't happy as the streamer's changed aspect ratio is killing laughs off the comedy show. 

Classic 90s sitcom Seinfeld is now available on Netflix as the streamer brought home all 180 episodes of the beloved comedy show. 

However, there’s something awry about the show on Netflix. Fans think the jokes aren’t translating as well as they used to because of the specification issue on the streamer. Apparently, Netflix has updated the show shot in 4:3 to 16:9 because of which now the frame looks cropped. It is leading to many important visuals not visible on the screen. 

Fans have been pointing out this problem ever since Seinfeld landed on the streamer with some noting portions where it gets worse because of the cropping. One such example is that of season 8 episode ‘The Pothole’ in which in one scene, George Costanza (Jason Alexander) is yelling at the pavement. But, with the update, you can’t see what he’s yelling at!

This is not the first time that an issue has come up for an iconic show on a streamer. The same happened for ‘The Simpsons’ when it started streaming all episodes on Disney+. The situation was eventually resolved.